School Mathematics Reform, Constructivism, and Literacy

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Draper, Roni: School Mathematics Reform, Constructivism, and Literacy: A Case for Literacy instruction in the Reform-Oriented Math Classroom

Major Takeaways

            This text has stipulated the various steps that need to be taken by various educational practitioners in order for them to better the learning experience of the students. Among the major issues that have been addressed is the role that should be played by specific individuals. The author provides that collaboration and clearly stipulating the roles of the various parties need to be taken into account in order for the students to learn. However, the biggest task has been given to the teachers. Considering that the teachers are the ones who input the knowledge on the students, the reforms should emulate from them. I was able to learn that creativity and innovation are important for any teacher. Mathematics is a subject that in most cases the formulas can be considered to be too entrenched in the syllabus. In that, there is no other way of finding the solution. I realized that the difference would come up with how the teacher passes this formula. How will they help the child grasp this formula?

In order to ensure that the child retains this information, we have been encouraged to understand the child’s strengths and weaknesses. This understanding will enable me as a teacher to ensure that my teaching method is student-specific or class specific. It goes without say, that the mathematics students are always different. The difference is in terms of their abilities. As a teacher, I have realized that after understanding my class, motivation is paramount to the success of my children. I am required to come up with ways that will ensure that my student’s think and act like mathematicians. Therefore, I must ensure that I make mathematics part of their lives.

In addition, an issue that stood out is the author’s opinion that we should ensure that the students create their own knowledge. Therefore, we are supposed to ensure that we encourage these students to always be keen on the environment around them. These issues surrounding them will help them come up with the best way of learning. Among the major ways of developing these changes is by encouraging communication amongst the students and the other faculty members. By formulating the teaching method to fit into the child’s life, the student may be motivated to learn.

Further, I realized that the school has a duty of always ensuring that whatever the students are taught or read, and the teacher is supposed to enable the student to learn in an easier manner. The school is required to ensure that it encourages literacy in whatever the student reads. This will be made possible by ensuring skills such as understanding texts and reading these texts is fostered in the student. Therefore, the teacher should use all the mechanisms available to handle these issues. The author has helped us teachers by encouraging us to come up with teaching methods that consider all the various situations. For example, the previews of the texts, the reading of the text and the after-reading strategies. A good example of strategies in reforming Mathematics is by encouraging the students to always be part of the developed texts. Therefore, I am obliged to ensure that my class engages in the mathematical conversations which will help us in developing the texts that will ensure that whatever they will learn is of importance to them.

Conclusively, the reforms have for many years been recommended. However, the question is will teachers adopt these new ways of teaching? Some tend to stick to the older methods of solving certain equations and problems. Therefore, this change will not augur well with them. Therefore, before the teacher can motivate the student, we are supposed to ensure that we are first motivated.

How this reading will guide my practice

As a teacher, this reading is vital for the success of my practice. Considering that over the years Mathematics has been taught in a specific manner and a sequence, this article has encouraged for a reform in the manner in which I am supposed to teach. For instance, the issue of using conversation as a way of teaching will completely change the learning experience. As I come up with this different way of teaching, I will be bettering the impact that this mode of teaching will have on the student and further better my mode of teaching.

In order to come up with these ways of coming up with a constructivist classroom, I am required to first understand my students. I will ensure that I am able to understand my students’ needs and develop my teaching around their way of teaching. Therefore, I must ensure that I collaborate with my students. This is collaboration that will help me to pass the knowledge in a manner that the students will be more receptive to the information that I put to them. Conclusively, this paper has helped me understand the need to always help our students to pose problems, solve and analyze them. Therefore, these are skills that I will have to first entrench in the students in the first instance before I start teaching them other mathematical skills.







Hillman, Ann Marie: A Literature Review on Disciplinary Literacy. How Do Secondary Teachers Apprentice Students into Mathematical Literacy?

Main Takeaways

Apprenticeship is always based on the notion of, ‘do as I do’. Therefore, the students will always be required to learn by watching whatever the teacher is doing and putting it into practice. Therefore, this research addressed issues that would help any teacher, me included to better the process of disciplinary literacy. From this reading I understood, the different ways of how disciplinary literacy can be made possible by apprenticeship as a way of being in line with the Common Core State Standards. In particular, this paper had a great effect in the manner in which I would be able to teach mathematics.

From this reading, I understood the question of standards. These are CCSS and the mathematical standards. These are standards that will help me to formulate my teaching plan. Therefore, as I teach the students, I must ensure that they are able to read, think, speak, and write as per the required level. The CCSS has a set of stipulated tasks that students must be able to solve at a certain level of their K-12 education. In addition, the student is required to be able to solve some problems, ensure that they are able to put whatever they are studying into real-life situations, and further develop their ability to reason.

In addition, this paper helped me to come up with the most appropriate way of ensuring mathematical literacy. Therefore, I realized that the whole teaching process should be based on how my students are able to communicate mathematically. This form of communication revolves around how they reason and solve problems. Therefore, they will in most cases be required to always pick these skills from my actions as a teacher. Therefore, they are required to ensure that they understand the mathematical words, the narrative, visual mediators, and routines. Consequently, one may say that learning has taken place if these issues have been addressed.

A major takeaway is the need for the students to play a part in the formulation process. Therefore, as I teach, I must always encourage that my students are free to give their opinions on this issue. This would be made possible by creating a good environment for communication amongst themselves and with me as their teacher. Therefore, these students will be able to communicate their reasoning and ensure that I discuss their positions and deal with certain problems if they arise. Therefore, my teaching will be mainly based on groupwork, asking problem questions, and personal verification of their answers.

How this will influence my practice

This article will influence my practice since it will enable me to come up with the best way of dealing with mathematical literacy. This is a manner that will enable me to create a good relationship with my students and ensure that whatever I teach is understood by the students with ease. The skills that I will input in them will always prepare them for the application of these formulas in the outside world. For instance, they will have to ensure that they understand issues such as critical thinking and application.

Further, this paper has provided me with an understanding of the required standards that I must attain as I teach. These are standards that will ensure that the student is prepared for the next level of education and employment. Therefore, this paper has made me realize that mathematics is always meant to ensure the student to ensure that my students are able to see problems and come up with solutions for these problems. Therefore, this paper will shape up whatever I teach my students, which will be reciprocated when they get employed.

Siebert Daniel, Hendrickson Scott: (Re) Imagining Literacies for Mathematics Classrooms

Main Takeaways

Form this paper, I was able to realize that reforms are a major component for the success of whatever I am supposed to teach. As I teach, I must ensure that whatever I teach is in line with the conditions in the society today. Therefore, my mode of teaching must be in such as way that it supports meaning-making and authentic mathematical activities. Therefore, I must ensure that whatever I teach the students must target to ensure that the students have a clear meaning of whatever they learn, clearly understand the activities that they are involved in, and ensure that it improves their literacy.

These are steps that will only be made possible by ensuring that the students are able to reason qualitative and quantitively, they are able to solve problems, and put whatever they are taught into real-life situations. It must be understood that students are not just meant to come to class and be taught in order for them to pass their examination, but it is my duty as a teacher to prepare them for the outside world. Therefore, I must ensure that I have certain skills and principles. The principles will ensure that as I teach, I will be able to ensure that my students are able to construct certain meanings, build important connections, and develop understanding.

In addition, I realized that I play an important part in the development of the recommendations on how to better mathematical literacy. However, not all my opinions are supposed to be taken as the best way. The relevant authorities are required to sieve the many ideas and only adopt the workable and best suited recommendations. In addition, my recommendations should be derived from certain texts. However, I must also ensure that