Buy Existing Paper - Sarah only encountered gender bias when one of the directors


Sarah only encountered gender bias when one of the directors told her that she speaks too much like his teenage daughter. This is the only place in the case study where Sarah has been discriminated on a gender basis.

The organization does not hold her to a different set of behavior standards because she is a woman. The other directors just don’t like her picking on the CFO and the boss does not like the way she presented her issues in the meeting. This however does not mean that they did all these things because she is a woman.

  1. To be effective and avoid being branded as the one that speaks too much, Sarah can result to speaking and resolving issues with the CFO in privacy. By meeting with the CFO during their own time, she will spare the other directors their time because they have no problem with the way the CFO works. A private meeting would give Sarah a chance to present her concerns and strike a rapport with Sid to prevent future problems.
  2. Sarah’s personal style is that she always speaks her mind not considering the individual or situation at hand. This has contributed to her troubles because she always manages to annoy the rest of the board and especially Sid Yerby. She is a perfectionist and expects things to be done her way which is pressuring Sid to be someone he is not. Sarah also has insecurities as the only woman on board which causes her to read too much into the board behavior and see things different from what they are causing friction with the board. Her style of writing the boss a very angry letter was also not very professional because it puts the boss in a tight corner because Sid is a valuable employee that has served the company for a long time and is older than the boss.
  3. Sarah needs to tone it down. It is clear that her strategy is not working for the rest of the board members. First of all, Sid deserves an apology and Sarah needs to `apologize for grilling him in front of other board members. She should also be more supportive in board meetings and not always skeptical. Sarah should share her concerns with the boss and the CFO to discuss her pressing matters and her fears. This way, the rest of the board does not have to get into the weed of things. Sarah should also learn to think things through before speaking because it will save her a lot of trouble. Sarah should avoid unnecessary worry and review facts before criticizing fellow employees and putting the boss in awkward situations.Sarah only encountered gender bias when one of the directors