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Yoga is defined as fluctuations what you think as well as emotions. There are different sources of knowledge like thought and imaginations, sleep, the opposite and perception and inference. Practice is required in order for the memories to remain intact and to avoid restrictions. Something remains to an individual’s mind through yoga this is according to ones perception and expectations. Disinterestedness is what controls the consciousness of an individual. In order to calm down all the thoughts of mind practice towards painful, objects, friendship compassion gladness and indifference is compulsory.

An individual whose mental fluctuations have become attenuated achieves ‘yogic balance’ with respect to sensational and objective things. This type of yogic balance occurs mainly after a memory s completely purified and gets back to how it was before. After all yogic balance the samadhi as they are called after purification they become the experts.

Afflictions are spiritual ignorance and like to remain on their own form                                           The Buddhist theory of anatman or annata is based on the idea that there is no self. The concept is based on three aspects: lack of essence, impermanence, and interdependence that exists between individuals and things. The notion that self lacks an essence arises from the belief on five constituents. These are the body, karmic activities, feelings, consciousness, and perception. The theory teaches that it is the combination of these five constituents that gives rise to who we are and that there is no one else who can represent us.  Consequently, Buddhists’ view is that single essence does not exists and as a result, self does not exists. The second belief is based on the view that everything changes and as such, there is nothing that stays the same. If nothing stays the same, then the theory argues that self cannot be regarded as permanent or being constant. Finally, the theory strongly lays emphasis on the idea of interdependence. My consideration is that this is true since in the phenomenal world, everything seems to affect everything else and a result, the change of one thing will affects everything.Samkhya