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salt sugar fat

Stories will begin with, once upon a time, and then proceed to explain about how the ancient people used to live long, stayed strong even at their senior ages and go on and on about their normal daily practices. Intriguingly though, not much thought has been given to their food consumption practices. Your bet is as mine, their foods would be considered in today’s world as in despicable. Stop to think about it however, the so classified as healthy foods nowadays, are what our great grandparents used to consumed. Advancement in technology and innovation, has changed the world in a large perspective. The food industry as well, has also witnessed a great revolution. The growth in population in the recent years poses a huge challenge to providing enough food for consumption considering the scarcity of food in some areas. As a result, many governments have invested in producing genetic modified foods to cater for the booming population. The quality and safety of these food products however, remains proverbial to many. The food industry at large, is faced with great challenges, ranging from counterfeit products to high prices of food. In line with this, it is important for the consumers to be wary of the quality of food products they consume and more so, the ingredients. The rise in food consumption related health issues is also of utmost consideration. Specific groups of people are recommended to use specific types of foods.salt sugar fat

In moss’s article, salt sugar fat; on how the food giants hooked us, there are several issues raised in regards to the food manufacturing process, contents, quantities of those ingredients and marketing of the food products among other things. In the article, “As Burger King proudly presents their ‘angriest’ red-dyed burger, consumers should consider the health risks of artificial food dye,” by J.D Hayes, (Hayes, 2016), he redirects his focus more on the marketing strategies. The “angriest whopper” a product of the fast food franchise burger king, has been uniquely to attract more customers. The burger angriest red-dyed burger, just like any other normal burger, has the sandwich consisting of lettuce, cheese, sauces, pickles, onions, etc. while the bun is red in color and infused with hot sauce. In the two articles therefore, the marketability of the product and the profit margins have over-ridden the health concerns and risks such products expose the consumers to. In the modern society, people do not stop to think about the eventuality of anything but rather prefer to live with the consequences of their actions later (Jones, Gareth, 2012).salt sugar fat