The Rot in the UAE Banking Sector


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The Recent collapse of banks and loss of jobs have left many people dismayed at the state of the UAE banking system. The problem was associated with the global economic downturn that made Dubai lose the much valued foreign exchange from tourists, additionally, the drastic fall in oil prices is said to have contributed to the ills of the banking sector (Memmel and Schertler, 2012). Dubai today faces a cash crunch and investors are fleeing the once crown jewel of the Middle East (Gennaioli, Shleifer, and Vishny, 2012). However, the explanations given for the collapse poor performance if the Dubai banking sector is not all correct. Some critical information has been left out, which is the purpose of this report.

Our investigative studies reveal a rot in the Dubai banking sector that has most of the employees in the banks as suspects. An interview with one of the former executives of a collapsed bank revealed the existence of a sophisticated network of local and international bankers that have colluded to steal money from Dubai banks. Most of these people believed that they could not be caught and that the oil money would continue flowing and cover their tracks. They were wrong!

Unknown to many Emiratis banking tellers have colluded with criminals to launder money in our banking halls. These people bring in fake currency notes, and the tellers bank them as legal notes. Additionally, most “Tellers in the banking hall perform intentional wrong entries, bad posting, and illegal disbursement of cash deposited by customers or money in bank accounts. The tellers also cause artificial shortage or excessive cash withdrawals or deposits. Tellers also collude with clients to collect fake money and forged cheques.” The tellers later withdraw such monies. Unsuspecting customers are left at the mercy of authorities when their accounts are discovered to have been used to propagate crime East (Gennaioli, Shleifer, and Vishny, 2012).

The most surprising part of this investigation was the revelation that bank managers are thick in the plot to steal money. Most of the loot is shared with the managers that have a cut in the loot. Besides, bank managers abuse their power and access classified customer information that are used in identity theft. The managers use their connections to steal and wire money abroad in offshore accounts where they cannot be traced East (Gennaioli, Shleifer, and Vishny, 2012). We have been reliably informed that the same managers invest the money in the Dubai real estate and hotel sector as international investors to avoid raising suspicion.