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Romantic Love (Eros)


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Romantic Love (Eros)

This refers to the kind of love that involves both passion and intimacy. In other words, Eros is an intense and passionate love that typically arouses romantic feelings between two people. It is the kind of love that is responsible for triggering intense feelings in a novel relationship or a rekindled relationship; passionate enough to make a person declare his or her love for another person (Hatfield, Bensman & Rapson, 2011). Moreover, Eros is characterized by powerful magnetism and sexual relations. The intended outcome of Eros is usually romantic love. Nonetheless, in some situations, it results in trouble.

It is believed that other successful representations of love are the products of eros. For instance, pragma which is the love between married couples that culminates over an extended period is said to emanate from an initial feeling of eros between the two individuals. Eros is capable of enduring

The movie Something Borrowed evinces Eros style of love between two individuals. The film introduces Rachel, who is currently a lawyer. During her college years in law school, she fell for a fellow student, Dex, a colleague with an affluent background. However, like almost every untold college romantic love, Rachel was too shy to share her feelings with Dex. Unbeknownst to Rachel, Dex was attracted to her and tried to drop hints that never stood the chance of being acknowledged as Rachel considered Dex as completely out of her league. Rachel’s best friend Darcy was never the one to have a faint heart; a feature that enabled her make a move on Dex and get him. When Darcy and Dex get engaged, Rachel is called upon to assume the role of a Maid of Honor; a role that she accepts despite still having feelings for Dex. It is from her birthday party that Rachel gets some alone time with Dex, and she shares her harbored feelings. They end up spending the night together after some drinks, but later agree to forget the whole ordeal. Notwithstanding, Ethan warns Rachel that she will regret abandoning her love for Dex