Roman Catholic marriage




Roman Catholic marriage is for anyone who is capable of being married. They must be man and woman and have no impediments to staying together in marriage. The couple must give their consent to be married. That is by their will they will give and accept each other in order to establish a marriage. They must follow the canonical way of marriage for it to be recognized as valid by the church and the wider community. Marriage for the Catholics is a rite of passage and is a sacrament, a saving reality and a symbol of God’s love for his church. People should marry for partnership, unity, and procreation. Marriage in the Catholic Church is celebrated within a mass where the two getting married give consent and receive the nuptial blessing. Divorce according to the Catholic Church does permit divorce for sacramental marriages and Roman Catholic marriage does not recognize either state dissolved marriages because they believe the state has no such power.

Protestant marriage does not believe in celibacy and believe everyone including the church elders should be married to avoid the sin of lust. Anyone that wants to get married can because they believe that it is a natural process. Marriage for them is a contract between two adults and can be dissolved in certain circumstances. Protestants get married for love and relationship. Their marriages can be celebrated in church, in a state office or in gardens, provided that it is officiated by a person that has been bestowed the powers of conducting marriages. Divorce is allowed on grounds of desertion and adultery.Roman Catholic marriage

The Jewish people believe that marriage is a contract between man and woman where God is directly involved.  People are married to create a relationship with God and for procreation. Marriage is celebrated by the betrothal and the actual wedding ceremony. Halakha law allows for divorce. The husband is required to present the wife with a document called the get.

Islamic marriage is a contract between two people and free will thrives. Two people who give in to the marriage of their free will can get married.  They marry to protect themselves from immorality and as a foundation for families. It is celebrated by the signing of the marriage by the groom and wife who is given away by a wali, who is a male custodian. The wife is given mahr some form of wealth. Divorce can be initiated by either groom or wife.Roman Catholic marriage

  1. Margaret Farley’s understanding of the nature and the purpose of commitment is that it is an act of free choice and love. She addresses love, fidelity, a sense of obligation and covenant. She gives an outlook of our normal life in sorting, changing, reaffirming and prioritizing and dealing with the demands of our daily life commitments. A marriage may fail to exist even after public vows when it is annulled because of a mental issue, drunkenness, or drug abuse or if one of the parties was coerced into marriage. An annulment is not a Catholic divorce because the grounds for an annulment are sober and people do not just decide they do not want the marriage anymore but do so because of underlying greater issues
  2. Sex is meant to mean what marriage is meant to mean. Sex and marriage should serve for companionship, intimacy, physical pleasure, and procreation. Therefore, sex in marriage is almost the same thing because they both serve as a bond of unity. I support the statement because sex outside marriage is sin and not in God’s design. Another reason is because sex is supposed to keep a couple together in marriage while marriage gives it that mandate, so this two support each other.
  3. Divorce and remarriage is sin because divorce corrupts the natural way of families. Divorce also breaks a covenant made by the parties involved when they vowed to be together until death does them apart. Remarriage becomes sin because the unmarried party is left to the life of adultery and the newly married becomes an adultery or adulteress in the new marriage.Roman Catholic marriage

Orthodox and Protestant Christian’s do believe in divorce and do not see it as sin if remarriage takes place on grounds that the divorce was necessitated by desertion of one partner or adultery by one of the spouses.

The innocent party, the one that did not initiate divorce is allowed to participate in Holy Communion in remarriage, only couples that do not engage in sexual relations can partake Eucharist.

The issue of divorce and remarriage is a sticky one. I deeply feel that people should go for counseling when their marriage is not working and try to solve their issues. These are people that were in love in the first place and just how do they get to so much hate. Remarriage where one will live as brother and sister doesn’t work and the couple is bound to experience more problems. Divorce on the other hand creates trauma for the kids and even the spouses. The church should take up counseling before the marriage and after to ensure that people enjoy marriage and stick to their vows. The grounds for receiving Eucharist especially for remarried people will always be challenged by the rest of the church and working on existing marriages may be the best idea.Roman Catholic marriage

  1. Psychologically a person must have prepared themselves that they are now going to be responsible for another person’s life not just their own. They need to know that they are required to live their lives always fitting others in. Morally, a person needs to know that because they are taking care of another of God’s creation. Their virtues should reflect the will of God and should always behave in a manner suggesting God in them by treating the other spouse with fairness, love, and respect. Morally, a wife is required to submit and respect while the husband is called to love his life. Spiritually the two are called to love their God more than themselves because only he can make them perfect in himself. In marriage the two should care for each other the way God has called them to love others like themselves. A person fully alive reflects godly character and will therefore live a fulfilled life and their marriage will blossom and bear good fruit always because they will not be veiled and suffer in their problems, they will strive always to show what God is all about to others by making their marriage work.