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Role of Education

Everyone in the world needs to have access to education for the most important reason which is to dream big. Everything we love in the world today, the inventions, beautiful architecture or technology all begun because of dreams. Without education, minds are blind. Education opens up minds to opportunities and possibilities. In society, men need education to protect their families and advance their areas of origin. Educating a woman is educating the whole society because she will educate her children too.

I was born in Jordan and in Jordan there is no question of whether one will attend school or not. Almost every child I knew went to school. My parents also love education and I began school at the young age of three years. By five years I could easily read in Arabic and by fifteen I could read in English as well. I studied in Jordan up to college level and when it was time for my masters, I chose the United States. Jordan is a beautiful place to study with a beautiful education system but I wanted to study instructional technology. America is the most technologically advanced education system in the world, so it was an easy pick. Jordan is striving to be better at technology with a 2020 vision but it is yet to reach American standards.

I also want to do my PhD and America has a better program. While in Jordan, I asked my favourite lecturer how I could study abroad. He told me that one can apply to various colleges. He helped me hunt for the colleges offering instructional technology, I applied and I got picked in this one. Any other kid dreaming of studying abroad can do so through applying for scholarships or applying directly to the college of their choice.Role of Education