The Role of the Economy in Politics

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The Role of the Economy in Politics

In most jurisdictions across the globe, political fortunes are more often than not pegged on economic outcomes. Most governments, whether local or national, are primarily assessed on the basis of economic metrics such as the number of jobs created

One major ‘hot button’ issue in the Canadian federal elections slated for October is public spending in light of economic recession. This has come under particular scrutiny owing to a recent announcement of a budgetary surplus amount…………

The issue of public spending has also gained traction owing to the fact that Canada is the only member of the G7 group of nations to be in a recession (Harris 1). The alternative solution provided by the Liberals……..

However, it is a common feature of most elections that the electorate makes voting decisions with a short term view in mind rather than the long term gains that can be secured by certain policy proposals………

It is important to understand that budgetary deficits are not always indicative of poor economic management as many voters are led to believe. Deficits could result from huge capital outlays that are intended………….

In conclusion, it appears that economics and politics are inextricably linked as evidenced by the ongoing campaigns for the Canadian federal election. The state of the economy has proven to be a matter of notable……