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Robbed Wabanakis

The Wabanakis enjoyed life to the full and had fulfilled lives even before the arrival of the settlers and the artists. While the latter groups would argue that they brought civilization to fix the lives of the Wabanaki, the Wabanaki were robbed. They were robbed of land, of a way of life their descendants had taught them, robbed of food and robbed of a good environment they had preserved for decades.

The arrival of the newcomers represented the next cycle that would see the Wabanakis’ lives changed forever. The Wabanakis, were forced to change habit, economic activity, living conditions and ways of finding food to survive. It was unfair that newcomers would land and make rules for the owners of a land they illegally took over. No newcomer can claim innocence because the arrival of each set of foreigners brought even more foreigners. The settlers encouraged more settlers to come. The artists and their art showed off the beautiful lands of the Wabanakis in the papers and attracted the rusticators who went back home to tell of the beauty of the land they had travelled.

The foreigners came to conquer and improve a land they thought needed conquering but instead they destroyed the livelihoods of people that had lived and preserved their precious lands for decades. The Wabanakis were the good people. They sought friendship with people who did not deserve it and adapted their lives to include people who did not personally care that they were disrupting other people’s lives. The Wabanakis may have found new ways of trade and making money with the new development, but they had more to lose even as they moved further inland and their coasts were taken over by hotels and even more foreigners. This is a community that received robbers without notice.Robbed Wabanakis