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Review of the Movie: Hidden Figures

The film, “Hidden Figures” is directed by Theodore Melfi and reveals to us how women played an essential role in the sending of the first astronauts to space. The actors of the movie are Taraji Henson, Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer who play as Katherine Jackson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan.

The director of this film informs us of the power of women in our societies. It is through the narration of three women who supported the first astronaut to go to space. It is through the ability to carry out complex computations that Katherine Jackson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan were able to help John Glenn navigate through space. The three ladies managed to overcome the obstacle of racism and wrote one of the most significant pages available in the books of history. For instance, in the movie, Katherine Jackson faces a lot of racial prejudice from her boss, but this does not deter her from being one of the best Mathematicians and using her knowledge in the mathematics to help in the space landing.  To that end, the director demonstrates to us that Black women should not be looked down upon because they can perform as important roles as the men counterparts.

The director of this movie has done a remarkable job because, to begin with, there is an application of quality pictures. Secondly, the actors that have been selected as the main characters are fantastic. They demonstrate their professionalism in acting through being lively in their performances. Moreover, there are comedic beats that make the movie so exciting to watch. Furthermore, the costume designer did a brilliant job in ensuring that the clothes worn by the actors are eye-catching.

In conclusion, the director of this film has done an excellent job through the demonstration of African-American women defeated racism to be one of the most critical people in assisting the first astronaut to navigate through space. It is accomplished through the selection of appropriate actors and use of high-quality pictures.