Revamping the Education System

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Revamping the Education System


In the United States, both the public and private schools are responsible with the provision of education. This education system can be divided into three distinct levels including the elementary level, junior high school level and lastly the high school level. While public schools curriculum is determined by the school boards, private schools are often allowed to determine their curriculum. The efficiency of this education system is however is questionable. Critics of the current education system are worried with the direction that the education system in the United States is taking due to lack of growth and development. This is because the education sector is the only sector that has not undergone significant changes for the last 50 years while every other sector of the economy has. In a TED talk interview, Geoffrey Canada asserts that “Those of us in education have held on to a business plan that we don’t care how many millions of young

people fail, we’re going to continue to do the same thing that didn’t work, and nobody is getting crazy about it”. There is therefore need to revamp the educational system in the United States with an aim of restoring quality educational services in our various educational institutions. This paper analyzes the flaws in the education system pointing out the need of revamping the whole system.


            The long summer vacation is one of the flaws of the United States educational system. The summer vacation is an old American family tradition when the school children take a few months off school to relax and rest before resuming school later during winter. Despite the need for resting and refreshing the brain, the long summer vacation has been proven to cause major setbacks in the learning process. According to “Online College”, “For some children, a few months off in the summer can lead to loss of knowledge and lowered test scores”. This has been proven by research and study conducted for over 100 years that concluded that students score poorly on tests conducted at the end of the summer vacation and score relatively well on tests conducted at the beginning of summer vacations. This is because during the summer vacation, students loose two months of school duration which affects their educational skills. Some of the educational skills affected during the summer vacation comprise Revamping the Education System