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Resolving Ethical Problems in Business


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Resolving Ethical Problems in Business

The financial crisis of 2008 served to underscore the consequences of unethical business practices in major financial powerhouses in the United States. Its impact reverberated across the country and the entire world……..

In adopting an approach to resolve ethical problems in business, one needs to identify the factors that interact to create ethical dilemmas…….

One key measure that can be taken to tackling the problem of obsession with profits is reorienting organizational policy to focus more on customer satisfaction. Businesses should make it a priority to deliver………….

Short term focus has proven to be a key driver of ethical dilemmas in business. Examples abound of how business organizations have crumbled owing to fixation with short term goals at the expense of strategic………..

Finally, personal image concerns or the ego problem has been observed to cloud managerial judgment leading to poor decision making with drastic consequences. Managers who have an exaggerated………..