Report about the Winterville Field Trip



Report about the Winterville Field Trip

The elementary children paid a visit to the Winterville Mounds. It was a fascinating as well as an educative trip because the students were going to have a view of all the things that they had learned in the class about the mounds. They had gathered information that the mounds were a home to the Native Americans and that they also symbolized the burial grounds of the society’s prominent leaders as well as offering sites for the essential ceremonies of the various communities. At the museum, they were able to see different exhibits about Mendes tour. The exhibition highlighted the approach used in the construction of the mounds as well as the way of life of the various societies that lived in the era of the mounds.

Immediately after the field trip at Winterville, the elementary children were divided into groups of four.  In the teams, they were supposed to discuss the observations that they made on the field trip.  After sharing their views about the mounds at Winterville, the learners were required to answer the following questions (in the groups of four);

  1. Based on what you learned in the field trip, apart from the Native Americans, who else used to live in the mounds?
  2. What was the primary economic activity of those societies that used to live far away from the mounds?
  3. How were the mounds in Winterville constructed?
  4. What were the uses of the mounds in Winterville?
  5. What acted as the center of Mississippian culture?
  6. What was the structure of the mounds at Winterville?
  7. Who were the first people to start the construction of the mounds?
  8. What led to the death of the group of the people that were involved in the construction of the mounds?
  9. People who survived led to the formation of various communities. Mention these communities
  10. What was the food eaten by the Native Americans?
  11. The Native Americans were involved in various arts of work. Give examples
  12. Sketch a diagram of the mounds that were constructed in Winterville

Afterwards, the learners were required to write about the lessons that they learned on the field trip.  Furthermore, they were supposed to include areas for further studies. They were supposed to bring the answers to the above questions after two days.