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According to Chesnutt, what is NOT one of the reasons for the popularity of Santa Muerte?


The Catholic Church has embraced her importance as a saint


Santa Muerte has a reputation as a powerful miracle worker


Many people in Latin America are struggling financially due to the poor economy


Some people feel judged by the Catholic Church and so don’t want to pray to one of the Catholic saints


Question 4

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The majority of devotees of Santa Muerte are criminals






Question 5

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According to Lofton, what “product” does Oprah sell?


Her story


Her preferences




All of these


Question 6

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What is NOT one of the reasons Lofton discusses that Oprah can be compared to a religious authority figure.


She speaks frequently about her Christian faith


She engages in missionary work through her non-profit organizations


She is America’s confessor because her guests tell her very private things


Her fans strongly believe what she says to be true


Question 7

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What is NOT part of Oprah’s “spiritual capitalism”?


Convincing her viewers that a better life relies on purchasing the right products


Promising her viewers that they improve their lives


Elevating self-care to a ritual


Encouraging her viewers that they have to join a spiritual movement


Question 8

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What is the main teaching of the prosperity gospel?


God wants you to live a simple life