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Reflective Journal

These articles are in line with inquiry project. From these works, collaboration is important for the success of any projects. As a way of using technology to teach sciences, it goes without say that we need to have plans with different individuals for the success of these projects. I must interact with the tech-developers, the researchers, and the students. The issues that were provided in the text showed the need to always create interest in whatever they are studying. Among the forms of technology that are to be used in the classrooms include videos. Therefore, making my classes fun will always require that I consider all these factors. However, I will always have to ensure that I have certain skills before I can consider technology as a mode of teaching.

One of my interviews was with Mr. Nabil Azmy. He is a Mathematician by profession. We talked about the different ways of teaching that can be adopted to better the way mathematics is taught in the classroom. He started the interview by stating that science and mathematics teachers are regarded as being too uptight. As a result, the students create this thought that these are boring subjects. Therefore, it is the duty of every teacher to ensure that they come up with new ways of teaching mathematics. Therefore, innovation is important as in all professions. Even though mathematics has its clearly set out formulas, we are supposed to ensure that we consider how we can ensure that the lessons are more interesting.

However, to understand the class in the best way, we are required to understand our classrooms. This understanding will make it possible for me as a teacher to understand the needs of my students. Therefore, even when I decide to use technology to teach, I will be able to know the technology that I am supposed to bring into the classroom. From my studies, giving the students the chance to operate this technology will make the learning process easier. This is clearly stipulated in Means book. It provides the need to always revolve our teaching around the students. As we teach, we are required to ensure that our students acquire certain skills by the end of the course (Mean, 2010).

This position was reiterated by James Smart’s take on the importance of collaboration in the class. From the interview, he provided that teachers are supposed to only guide the students. The students are supposed to run the learning process. They can be able to run the learning process either by coming up with the teaching plan or by them conducting research in their groups and presenting their findings. However, I opine that the teachers are still supposed to run this process. The students have limited information on the course and the requirements. As a result, they may not come up with the best way of teaching. Therefore, as a teacher, I will conduct the chunk of the work in class but ensure that the students also play certain roles in class. For example, I will ensure that the visual material on using technology to teach Mathematics is retrieved by the students.

Conclusively, an issue that stood out in these journals was the need to always ensure that as teachers we understand the standards. We must ensure that as we formulate these new ways of teaching, we do not conduct them at the expense of our students learning. Some modes of teaching will make it more difficult for the student to develop some skills. Therefore, even as I decide to use technology to teach, I must always ensure that it is not too complex to operate and it is of relevant to whatever I am teaching.

Reflective Journal

From these sources, I understood the importance of always coming up with a teaching plan. Teaching plans will in most cases be the motivating factors as I carry out my duty as a teacher. The plan formulated must always include the requirements of all the different stakeholders in the classroom setup. These include the topics, the classroom hours, and the sources. The authors mainly dwelled on humanities. However, the factors that need to be considered, are important in the different disciplines. For instance, the authors reiterated the importance of critical thinking as one reads. Critical thinking will always ensure that we understand whatever we are reading. This skill is important to both my students and me. As a teacher, this skill will help me decide whether the source that I am reading meets the main purpose of whatever I want to teach. To my students, they will be able to easily infer how the issues provided in the source affect whatever they are reading.

Reuttering James Smart’s words, learning never stops. A teacher will always have the chance to learn from their students. Therefore, these books have made me ensure that my mode of teaching will always ensure that the students give their opinions on whatever they are learning. Therefore, communication is important if we are to ensure that the learning process is successful. This position was also reiterated in Brookfield’s book. He provided that a skillful teacher must ensure that he creates a relationship with the students so that they can be successful in their job.

From the interview with Soheir Seleim, she provided the various ways that this relationship can be fostered. She is a teacher of humanities; hence her conduct can be considered to be workable. She says that a relationship will only be created if the students trust and fell treasured in class. Therefore, it is important that these students are always given the chance to give their thoughts on certain issues surrounding the course. These skills can be used by all the teachers including the science teachers. Therefore, this will mean that I must ensure that I come up with a mode of teaching that allows my students to be free in class. I will have to ensure that my students are always ready to carry out tasks with ease. From my inquiry plan, it is important that we always consider issues such as group work in order to better the learning process. This position has further entrenched the importance of groups.

As a teacher, I am required to ensure that I also give the students a chance to also learn as if they are already developed scientists. Therefore, I will always try to ensure that my students are able to maximize on the available technological programs that have been laid down. For instance, NASA’s programs will always be vital to the success of our technological classes. These programs tend to develop the child’s interest and understanding in whatever we are reading. I will also benefit from these acts.

Conclusively, these sources are vital to the success of my mode of teaching because they will enable me to develop as a teacher and further develop my student’s understanding of the course. The main point is the need to always have a clearly set out teaching plan. This will be done as I collaborate with the students at the beginning of the course. In addition, I will have to ensure that I understand the forms of technology that I am supposed to use as I teach.

Reflective Journal

These texts have made it possible for me to understand the impact of always considering disciplines as I teach. It is evident that the mode of teaching will always depend on the subject and the topic. Therefore, we are mandated to always consider all the various options and models before settling on one. We should not hurry to choose a mode of teaching because it was used by a certain teacher or it was successful in some class.

This means that teachers will always need to be creative. This innovation will make it easier for me to bring technology in the science class. It is because I will be mandated to ensure that as I consider the different forms of technology. I will have to settle on the best option as a way of ensuring that my teaching process betters. This position was similar to that of Gordon Junketing during our interview. He is a technological expert and mainly deals in computers. He provided that not all forms of technology will be important to everybody. This is because technology is always developed as a way of getting a solution to certain problems. Therefore, we have to understand the main reason an equipment was invented before we decide on whether it should be used or not.

Makinster , Trautmann & Trautman in the book consider how technology can be used to teach science. From their book, we should always try to have the latest technology in our classroom. It may be expensive but the effect it has on our teaching is priceless. It affects the student’s motivation. In addition, the teachers are happier when it comes to technological advancements in their classroom (Makinster , Trautmann & Trautman, 2010). Therefore, it is high time that institutions invest in technology. In addition, the teacher will find it easier to conduct certain acts that they found to be challenging.

In addition, the required standards will always have to considered. This is because these are guidelines and expectations that are supposed to make the learning process worthwhile. At the end of the course, I will have to ensure that the skills that my students have gained will make them better persons in the society. For example, allowing students to operate some machines will give them a hands-on experience. Therefore, they will get it easier for to use these machines when they are in the employment world. From my interview with Ail Rashed, a professional science educator, he provided that science teachers have lost their vision and motivation. He says this since the impact that they are supposed to create has shifted from creating scientists from the students, to trying to ensure that the students just pass their examinations.

Lastly, using technology to teach science will help the students to get more material. They will be able to search and share materials easily. In addition, technology will make it easier for me to formulate my teachings to the 21st century. In this digital age, information can be shared in real-time. Therefore, in the groups, we can always exchange information on the developments occurring in different areas in the society.

In conclusion, these sources have given me an understanding and certain skills that will enable me to be successful as per my inquiry plan. Among the recommendations is constant research which I will always adhere to. Since science is based on facts, I will always ensure that I conduct studies and learn from that of others. Therefore, even on this topic of technology in science, I will always try to learn from the steps that has been taken by others.



MaKinster, J., Trautmann, N., & Barnett, M. (2014). Teaching science and investigating environmental issues with geospatial technology. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Reflective Journal

From my readings, I looked at the issue of text complexity. Steiner et al.’s provisions on readability have reiterated the importance of the language used in the text. It is because language is an important factor that needs to be considered for learning to take place (Steiner et al., 2012) In some cases, the language may be too difficult that the child loses interest in the lesson. In some instances, it may be too easy that the student is not challenged. When they are faced with the difficult tasks, they will always strive to get solutions which makes them develop certain skills. Therefore, the language used needs to be in line with the student’s level.

The teachers and the authors are required to ensure that they determine the complexity of the source before they decide to use it in the classroom. The success of the lesson will be dependent on the information that the students can get from their reading. We are required to ensure that the materials we use in class are applicable to whatever we are learning. Therefore, we must ensure that we have an array of sources that will help both the students and the teachers to get the necessary information. However, there are certain skills that we must have in order for us to read and understand these materials.

From my interview with Anwar Yacoub, a literature lecturer in Taibah University, I was able to better my understanding of what really counts as complex language. He said that complexity of a source is relative. It depends on who the reader is. We should not look at the level of the student, but we should look for other factors. The students may be in the same class but have different cognitive abilities and interests. Therefore, it is the duty of the teacher to ensure that whatever materials they give the students, is best suited for them.

In addition, I looked at the importance of collaboration with students. It is only possible for teachers to understand their students if they can communicate with them. The best way to do so is by creating a good relationship amongst the students and the personnel. In addition, we are supposed to ensure that we are supposed to encourage our students to always work together. It will be through programs such as group works. However, it is still my duty to ensure that I teach them what is expected from them. It is because the students are still learning, they may not know what they are to do in the class and what they can do to ensure that they get through the lesson.

I remember when I talked to Gordon Brown, who is an events planner and among the issues that he was constantly reiterating was the importance of planning. As a teacher, I can pick certain skills from him. He mentions the importance of having a clearly laid out plan. The procedure should be after serious thoughts. We must always study the environment and the audience before coming up with the best suited plan. Therefore, I realized that I cannot stick to one teaching plan through all my classes. I must mold it to meet the needs of my class. In addition, I am required to ensure that I work together in order for me to come up with the best plan.

Conclusively, I opine that the whole teaching process is dependent on the materials that we use in the lesson. As a teacher, we do not have all the information. Therefore, we are required to always look for information from these sources before we go for the lessons. In addition, we should ensure that we teach the children on what they are to look at when choosing the sources. As a result, they will have an easier time as they have their individual reading sessions. They may get access to other sources that I may not have. As a result, they will be helping me to also grow. From my inquiry plan, I am trying to use technology to teach science. I will therefore have to always ensure that even the technology that we use in class is not too complex. The machines that I will bring to class does not need to be too complex that the students end up being demotivated to learn. Therefore, I will always ensure that I scrutinize all the forms of technology that’s I decide to use in my classes.



Štajner, S., Evans, R., Orasan, C., & Mitkov, R. (2012). What can readability measures really tell us about text complexity. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Improving Textual Accessibility (NLP4ITA) (pp. 10-45).

These sources are vital in the success of my topic. The issues that the authors provided on how to develop arts, can still be used as we try to come up with ways of using technology in teaching science. I realized that it is important to always tailor my teaching with the topic being taught. Therefore, I will have to always understand whatever I am teaching and look for the source that best suits what we are teaching. For instance, I must ensure that I consider the applicability of a video source before I decide to use it to teach.

From my interview with Mr. Salah Arafa, who is a scientist, he reiterated the importance of ensuring that as I teach, I make the content that I am teaching to be of importance when they go to the practice.  Therefore, we always have to ensure that in all that we do, we are supposed to always ask, “What would a scientist do?” With this question in mind, we will always find it easier for us to get solutions to the problems facing our societies. Therefore, this calls for the need to ensure that the content we are teaching, and the mode of teaching is applicable in the society today.

Therefore, how are teachers supposed to ensure that their mode of teaching is of importance to the environment today? Jang et al. provided the ways that teachers can develop their mode of teaching. The authors encourage that teachers ensure that the conceptual learning. They carried out an experiment on this issue and a factor that stood out was the need to always ensure that as we teach, we conform it to the needs of the classroom (Jang, Reeve & Halusic,2016). We are supposed to ensure that we understand the needs of these students and create our plans as per these discoveries. The discoveries can be gotten by carrying out research or through observation (Jang, Reeve & Halusic,2016).

The issue that are to be looked at is the importance of the experimentation. However, dur to the uncertainty, we should always understand how we will deal with failure. If the technology does not work, it is important that we use the failure as a lesson. The lesson will make it better and easier for us to understand what caused the failure. This position was further entrenched after an interview with Hazem Abawi who is a science teacher in Taibah University. He said, science is a unique subject. We are supposed to ensure that all that we come up with new ways of carrying out certain activities. Therefore, we must always try and ensure that as we perform our duties, we think of how it will benefit the others in the society. Therefore, he has based his teaching on ensuring that he prepares his students to impact their whole society.

Further, the importance of team work has been provided. In my view, the groups will always be comprised of individuals with different abilities. Therefore, I will always try to ensure that the groups are as diverse. This diversity will help the different individuals in the group to understand each other and have different thoughts and views on the topics. For instance, this diversity will help the whole class to understand the different videos that we will be using to teach. Consequently, the students will better their unity.

Conclusively, from my personal thoughts, teachers play an important role in developing the society. They will always ensure that the students have certain skills that will be of importance to their lives and further to their societies. Therefore, teachers are supposed to always look for ways that they can better their mode of teaching. In light of this, inclusion of technology in my teaching is my way of ensuring that the students enjoy the lessons. Lastly, technology is part of our society today. Therefore, all the stakeholders are required to always keep up with the changes.





Jang, H., Reeve, J., & Halusic, M. (2016). A New Autonomy-Supportive Way of Teaching That Increases Conceptual Learning: Teaching in Students’ Preferred Ways. The Journal of Experimental Education, 84(4), 686-701.

Reflective Journal

Content and discipline literacies are all important modes of teaching. Therefore, I will always try to adopt these changes in order to ensure that I come up with the best way of dealing with these changes. The provisions of these authors are important to my inquiry plan. I am trying to teach science which falls within these literacies. Therefore, I can look at the different recommendations given as a way of ensuring that I better the child’s mode of teaching. For example, I will always try to ensure that I look at issues such as the needs of the students and the required skills. With this, I need to ensure that the technology that I decide on does not give beat the main purpose of the whole learning process.

Means provided that we are supposed to look at the student’s attitude towards the changes before we make the decision (Means, 2010). If it has a negative reception, there is a high possibility that it may not better the learning process as desired. Therefore, this means that we are all supposed to try our best to always collaborate with the students. We should allow them to personalize the technology that it to be used in the learning process. As a result, we will ensure that they are always motivated to learn. This is in line with Ali Sadiq, who is a professional application developer, whom I was able to interview. He said that they always have to consider the needs of the client when they are deciding on how their applications. In our case, the students are the clients and we should always tailor our decisions to their needs.

We should all understand that the success of the learning process is dependent on the steps carried out by all the parties. We should therefore ensure that we collaborate with each other in order to come up with a mode of teaching that addresses all our needs and thoughts. However, we should not forget that we are supposed to always look for changes that will lead to steps that will inhibit the process of developing the whole learning process.

I reiterate Yasmine Ahmed, an educator whom I was able to interview on this topic. She said that the process of reforms is a continuous and demanding process. Therefore, it is always difficult to make changes in the modes of teaching. However, she said that the curriculum and the standards are not cast on stone. We have the chance to always make our mark using the right channels. Therefore, we are supposed to ensure that we take part in the programs that have been set in place by the government and other policy developers. We are therefore encouraged to also carry out our own personal research on how we can better the learning experience. We can use the curriculum as a guideline but try to come up with a mode of teaching that best fits our environment and the needs of our students.

Conclusively, I believe that my opinion on the changes in teaching will be of great use to the science fraternity. By considering the recommended changes, we will better the student’s learning experience. The skills that they would have gained will help them in the classroom and later in their lives. We are also required to ensure that we critically think of how we table the changes to the students. Since they may have a negative attitude to the changes making it difficult for it to be adopted in the learning process. In addition, we are supposed to ensure that we are up to date as with the technology that we are supposed to use to teach the students.


Reflective Journal

These works are important to my inquiry journals. They have touched on journal writing which is a vital part of experimental teaching. It is because science will always require that the students have a chance to carry out research and note down their findings. Therefore, we must always come up with a mode of teaching that betters their learning experience. From these sources, I have understood the different modes of teaching and further, how to better them.

In addition, from these resources, I realized the various steps that we can take as a way of ensuring that the students retain more. The main reason we engage in the teaching actions, is to prepare the students for both their exams and their life in the career. We should therefore ensure that as we teach the students, we can give them skills that will be of importance to them even after school. One of these skills is how to write. They are able to learn how to take certain issues from whatever they are learning and summarize them without it losing its main ideas.

Polly et al. came up with different ways of collecting evidence in a classroom. Therefore, evidence collection is based on how we can write. They address the need for using technology to better even whatever we are writing. Issues such as collecting readings can be done with machines and other applications (Polly et al.,2010). As a result, it means that we should change our mode of writing.

From my interview, with Ali Al Furqan, a science lecturer in Saudi Arabia, he brought addressed the problem of relying in technology too much. The students will end up losing the whole lesson at hand because the machine or the application will be able to do for them everything. Therefore, he opined that the best thing is that we help the students first understand the manual ways of carrying out these activities before bringing in the different forms of technology. The students would have developed the required base for carrying out these activities and hence they will be able to still benefit from their learning process.

Furthermore, from these sources, I learnt the importance of collaboration amongst the students. Therefore, we are supposed to give them a chance to exchange their ideas and come up with the most applicable mode of studying. As we use technology to teach, we must understand that it is an expensive option. Therefore, it may be difficult for the school to purchase these machines for personal use. Therefore, we must always ensure that we promote a mode of teaching that entails group work. As a result, we will also be helping them to exchange their ideas as they study.

Conclusively, I recalled the interview that I had with James Smart where he majored on the importance of changing the manner in which we teach. We are supposed to ensure that our mode of teaching conforms to the changing times. One of the major changes in our lives is the use of technology in whatever we do. Consequently, the children will have an easier time understanding whatever they are learning in class. In addition, we will be giving them a hands-on experience that gives them a chance to act as if they are scientists. In addition, these sources have made me realize the importance of giving the students a chance to explain something in their own voice. This is through journalizing and taking down notes







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Means, B. (2010). Technology and education change: Focus on student learning. Journal of research on technology in education, 42(3), 285-307.