Reflective Journal Week 5



Reflective Journal Week 5

These articles are in line with inquiry project. From these works, it is clear that collaboration is important for the success of any projects. As a way of using technology to teach sciences, it goes without say that we need to have plans with different individuals for the success of these projects. I must interact with the tech-developers, the researchers, and the students. The issues that were provided in the text showed the need to always create interest in whatever they are studying. Among the forms of technology that are to be used in the classrooms include videos. Therefore, making my classes fun will always require that I consider all these factors. However, I will always have to ensure that I have certain skills before I can consider technology as a mode of teaching.

One of my interviews was with Mr. Dawton Lesley. He is a Mathematician by profession. We talked about the different ways of teaching that can be adopted to better the way mathematics is taught in the classroom. He started the interview by stating that science and mathematics teachers are regarded as being too uptight. As a result, the students create this thought that these are boring subjects. Therefore, it is the duty of every teacher to ensure that they come up with new ways of teaching mathematics. Therefore, innovation is important as in all professions. Even though mathematics has its clearly set out formulas, we are supposed to ensure that we consider how we can ensure that the lessons are more interesting.Reflective Journal Week 5

However, to understand the class in the best way, we are required to understand our classrooms. This understanding will make it possible for me as a teacher to understand the needs of my students. Therefore, even when I decide to use technology to teach, I will be able to know the technology that I am supposed to bring into the classroom. From my studies, giving the students the chance to operate this technology will make the learning process easier. This is clearly stipulated in Means book. It provides the need to always revolve our teaching around the students. As we teach, we are required to ensure that our students acquire certain skills by the end of the course (Mean, 2010).

This position was reiterated by James Smart’s take on the importance of collaboration in the class. From the interview, he provided that teachers are supposed to only guide the students. The students are supposed to run the learning process. They can be able to run the learning process either by coming up with the teaching plan or by them conducting research in their groups and presenting their findings. However, I opine that the teachers are still supposed to run this process. The students have limited information on the course and the requirements. As a result, they may not come up with the best way of teaching. Therefore, as a teacher, I will conduct the chunk of the work in class but ensure that the students also play certain roles in class. For example, I will ensure that the visual material on using technology to teach Mathematics is retrieved by the students.

Conclusively, an issue that stood out in these journals was the need to always ensure that as teachers we understand the standards. We must ensure that as we formulate these new ways of teaching, we do not conduct them at the expense of our students learning. Some modes of teaching will make it more difficult for the student to develop some skills. Therefore, even as I decide to use technology to teach, I must always ensure that it is not too complex to operate and it is of relevant to whatever I am teaching.Reflective Journal Week 5





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