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Reflection on Mr. Patrick Sherrill case



Reflection on Mr. Patrick Sherrill case

Mr. Patrick Sherrill case is about the mass shooting of 14 Postal Service employees in Oklahoma. Mr. Patrick Sherrill was the culprit and he did it in revenge for sharply being reprimanded by his supervisors (Blanco, 2020). According to his co-workers, he was a man of few words and rarely socialized with other people. A brief history of Mr. Sherrill indicates that he hated authority and he rarely held on one job. For instance, he never graduated from college and kept on dropping classes once he felt it dis not excite him enough. He was reserved and in high school he seldom participated in team games despite showing great prowess in football. He immersed himself in athletics and excelled in wrestling. After high school he enlisted in U.S Marine Corps. He dis not serve long and he left marine and started his civilian life and eventually ended up working for the post office.

Before carrying out this atrocious shooting, Mr. Sherrill had complained to the head office that he was being mistreated at his place of work. He wanted to be moved to another work station but it seemed he was not given what he wanted. The next morning turned out to be his and 14 other workers last day at their workplace. The incident started at around 7 a.m.  When he arrived at Postal Service premises in Oklahoma. Like a man on a mission, he made sure he shot Richard C. Esser of the two supervisors that had reprimanded him the previous day (Blanco, 2020). He then went ahead to unleash a carnage of shootings where he used 50 bullets to kill 13 other employees before shooting himself.Reflection on Mr. Patrick Sherrill case

What happened at Sherrill’s workplace indicates how workplace violence can be catastrophic. Mr. Sherrill had never violently attacked anyone at his work place or in his private life. It appears to be case of a man who was pushed too far and eventually cracked. It is clear that there were pertinent work related issues that had not been resolved. This is demonstrated by the actions of Mr Sherrill making a call to seek a transfer to another workplace. There were no systems at Postal Service that could have helped avoid this incident from happening. For example, supervisor threatening to dismiss an employee gave that supervisor too much power which could be abused. The supervisor Mr. Bland had threatened Mr. Sherrill with a dismissal. He had used the power wielded to him to use threats to make Me. Sherrill more productive. However, this backfires and led to the death of innocent people. Moreover, Mr. Sherrill’s last hope of making a call yielded no fruits. There was also no system that could help workers report behavior they perceived not normal. For instance, one worker was warned by Mr. Sherrill against reporting to work the next morning of the shooting. The clerk did not report this to higher authority. The authority could have tried to dig deeper and see why she was being advised against going to work the next day.

The shooting act outlines how employees at different work sites face safety challenges. Occupational homicide, in particular, becomes a great concern to many employees. Therefore, the message of this case is for management of various organizations to put in place quality security measures that guarantee the safety of the workers. The action of Mr Sherrill case entering into his workplace with a gun indicates that the screening security system was very poor. It allowed an employee to walk into the organization with weapons without being questioned or verified by anyone.

The incident marked a new era as far as violence in the workplace is concerned. It brought into limelight what most employees in companies were experiencing. When hidden, workplace violence such as threats and mistreatment have a negative effect on the emotional wellbeing of the workers. It also affects the organization as a family and a place of work. For instance, the postal company had to lose more than 15 workers who died including some in management. Despite this, most organizations tend to hide the evil happening at the workplace to give the public a false picture of the safety of members in the working environment. This is one reason why America is still occasionally witnessing mass shooting. Today organizations are putting in place security measures that can identify problematic employees. If an employee is considered unfriendly he or she can be reported and given a chance to express himself before a judgment is made according to the company’s security system. On the other hand, if any employee is doing his job yet some officers are harassing him or her, then the top management should look at the matter even more keenly since  there maybe more than one employee suffering. Recklessness in management subjects workers to insecurity cases. Understanding the challenge facing professionals at the workplace is the first point of looking for solutions to the problem. Ignoring the challenge give room for the problem to build up.Reflection on Mr. Patrick Sherrill case

This case is related to this week’s readings in that the readings look as various risks at work places that can lead to violence. It also gives different solutions on how to prevent workplace violence such as safety checks which were not observed in this case. The readings also discuss some of the unique challenges that are faced in the workplace are bulling. For example, allegations had it that Mr. Patrick Sherrill was being bullied by his senior at work place. Also, disagreement between workers and poor time management in organizations result in violence since they go against the norms of the workplace. In professions like healthcare, challenges faced include disagreement between the patient and the nurse, which may lead to fights, bullying patients, and conflicts between the nurses and the doctors as well as overworking schedules among others (, 2020). One possible solution is establishing common grounds for solving issues before violence takes place.

In conclusion, the case concerning Mr. Patrick Sherrill underpins what happens at various workplaces in the world. People ignore violence yet it is costly. It is prudent for organizations to get back to the drawing board and plan for the safety their employees. Security is the foundation of success hence nothing should be left into chances by organizations. Safety measures should be very clear in protecting the rights of every worker and clients.


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