Reflection on Learning Objectives ECT

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Reflection on Learning Objectives ECT

  1. Discuss Top Challenges Facing Healthcare CIOs and Organizations

The incorporation of information technology in virtually all areas of healthcare has presented new challenges to healthcare CIOs and organizations. Their responsibilities have increased to include numerous categories such as patient engagement, health data security, infrastructure upgrades, and information systems management (Grando et al 24). Most of the top challenges faced by healthcare CIOs and organizations relate to these categories. The first top challenge that they face is in regard to establishing new businesses that are incredibly successful, as well as introducing numerous challenges to healthcare professionals who are already going through many changes because they are learning new technology and they are in a new environment (Gartee 81).

The second top challenge relates to the speed of implementing information technology among health professionals and in the health care organizations in general. This challenge is brought about by lack of interoperability due to an industry that lacks data standards. Related to this challenge is the challenge of inadequate agility to support the speed of changes that is required in the healthcare organizations. The other top challenge is in respect to security for the healthcare professionals and organizations, particularly due to factors like identity theft (Gartee 85).

Reflection on Learning Objectives ECT

  1. Discuss and Summarize Best-Practices in Health Care IT

As healthcare organizations continue to adopt IT in their areas of operations, it is important for them to acknowledge and appreciate the best practices in healthcare IT in order to achieve performance improvement. The first key practice is innovation starting at the top; this practice encourages the development of the innovation culture by the top leadership of healthcare organization. It requires top leaders to ensure a structure that supports healthcare innovation is in place (Grando et al 33). The second practice relates to the focus on culture where an organization is required to develop an environment that inspires change towards IT-driven healthcare services. The third practice relates to providing of incentives: research has found out that financial and material incentives for providing better care are essential in encouraging innovation and reducing the costs while enhancing the quality. The other best practice in healthcare IT is about provision of high-quality data which makes efforts by health systems to change clinical practices of the providers to be successful. Healthcare CIOs and organizations must ensure that this practice is sustained by sustaining the cleanliness and accuracy of the given information (Gartee 107).

Reflection on Learning Objectives ECT

  1. Discuss How Social Media ad mHealth are Affecting Health Care