Recommendations on Soccer Price Tickets



Recommendations on Soccer Price Tickets

It was found that the majority of people are not willing to spent amounts that exceed $60for a soccer game ticket. A smaller fraction, however, is willing to spend more than this amount for the same. The price of ticket was found to be a crucial factor that influences the decisions of fans to attend a sporting event. It was also established that approximately half of the soccer game lovers prefer to buy a single game ticket at full price. On the other hand, the remaining half prefers the bundle option that included a ticket for two games and a meal. Only a small fraction had no interest in the provision of separate tickets. The majority of the respondents, however, expressed great interest in this. Moreover, though the evolution of digital world has provided a great opportunity for people to access sports information; most fans prefer using television to watch matches. Based on these findings, it is recommended that soccer teams such as the Lo Angeles Football club should give more attention to their ticket pricing strategies especially during professional sporting events. The issue of ticket pricing may seem straightforward when looked at for the first time. However, management of various clubs should understand that the strategy used will be determine by a wide range of financial, strategic, and business aims that they have. Their revenue objective should be to boost the level of income. Their intent regarding attendance should be to maximize the turnout of fans during matches. To achieve this, teams have to lay appropriate strategies to ensure that they attain the set minimum attendance levels. Moreover, they have to focus on investment issues by addressing issues such as services provided during matches and stadium enhancements. The quality of tickets that fans are given should also be improved. Recommendations on Soccer Price Tickets


Based on the analysis that has been conducted, it is evident that the pricing strategies that are currently being used are suboptimal. This is because organizers of various matches have failed to articulate to most of the issues listed above. In order to come up with efficient strategies for pricing tickets, the parties involved have to start by outlining their pricing objectives. Moreover, they have to identify the compromises that have to be made when balancing these objectives.We recommend in the future that separate tickets be made available that customers can purchase to participate in Player Meet and Greets.  As our survey data showed, 83% of respondents are interested in being able to buy separate tickets to events.  We understand that this involves certain planning and costs.  We suggest that the event should happen on a TBD basis; once the tickets are sold and events are filled a time/place should be determined.  A follow up with customers is highly recommended to avoid any cancellations or loss of opportunity.  In case this was to happen, we also suggest promotin Recommendations on Soccer Price Tickets

g such events through Social Media and offer lucky fans the chance to win tickets.

Social media could also be used to ensure that fans remain informed. The tool will also be helpful when building two-way relationship between the fan and the organizers of events.  A promotion that uses Tagboard could be initiated whereby to given attendee an opportunity to share experiences after games. The move could help to boost the number of tickets sold before matches.

Organizers of various soccer events should ensure that their tickets can be accessed by fans with a lot of ease. It is recommended that ticket links be used. However, it should be considered that no person would prefer to spend his valuable time searching online to identify the purchase site. The links could be placed on most of the medium of communication that are deemed appropriate such on the team’s Facebook page or on the website.

Additionally, it is recommended that teams and organizers of matches work in collaboration with various ticketing experts. An example of ticketing professionals is ExtremeTix, which has many years of experience in the sports industry. Though it was found that a considerable number of fans prefer to buy a single game ticket at full price, it is recommended better strategies be used when offering discounts. For instance, the price of tickets should be reduced for those fans that buy them in bulk. Football teams and organizers of sports events should give attendees personal referral codes to encourage the habit of fans to invite friends, either through a ward of mouth or the social media. It is evident that this can be a good strategy to increase the number of tickets sold for every match. Recommendations on Soccer Price Tickets


To implement the above mentioned recommendations, considerable cost will incurred in terms of human resources, material, and the labor required. Placing adverts on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will not be expensive. Moreover, teams will incur very little costs if they choose to advertise events on their websites. However, partnering with ticketing experts will be expensive and the cost incurred will be determined by factors such as the duration of the partnership agreement. However, it is estimated that with approximately $1000, soccer clubs can enjoy the service for a considerably short period.  Offering discounts to fans for purchase of tickets will be more expensive and is likely to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Consequently, the management of teams should watch their sales keenly to prevent teams from becoming bankrupt.