Rebirth if Slick



Rebirth if Slick:

The music incorporates heavy use of instruments such as the bass guitar, trumpets and the drums. The beat sequence can be seen to be unique as it uses a lot of rhythm and repetition. An array of instruments is used to compose it. Furthermore, it requires creativity. We can see that digable planets have used finger snaps to create the beats. In addition, Jazz incorporates the amalgamation of voice and instruments. The artists try to go with the rhythm and tempo of the beats.

In addition, the word choice is seen to be a vital part of this genre. One needs to ensure that the words rhyme with the beats. Further, the choice must portray the black culture. For example, the Digable Planets use words such as kinky hair, Maryjane, and hip hop. Lastly, the songs will in most cases give an explanation of their lives. For example, Rebirth of Slick talks about the life of the American people and addresses the fact that they do not want any trouble.

Complexity and Contradiction: Black Artists:

From the clip, it is evident that Black artists had to work extra hard in order for them to showcase their works. They had to learn on their own in most cases and be fueled by their passion. In most cases, they used their work to address the actions within their societies. Issues such as the 1969 match encouraged the artists to talk about the black history. Sam Gilliam further shows that the experiences of an artist will always determine the motivation that the artist has. For example, he wanted to come up with the character, black bee, who was a freedom fighter. Therefore, black artists mostly use their works as a way of showing their protests to certain occurrences. Their pieces will give a story about a certain time.Rebirth if Slick