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Reasons for the Emergence of Political Parties



Reasons for the Emergence of Political Parties during Washington and Hamilton’s Administration

Several reasons have been put forward for the explanation of the emergence of political parties during Washington and Hamilton’s Administration.  According to the class readings that we have covered this semester, political parties emerged because people differed in political opinions. For instance, there was a group of individuals that had the belief that freedom of speech and liberty was a threat to the public. On the contrary, another group of people believed that it was important for America to embrace the freedom of liberty and freedom of speech. Such a situation created an atmosphere whereby people were in disagreement. To that end, those US nationals who had the same idea came together and formed a coalition with the same ideas and values. These coalitions led to the formation of two parties namely the Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republicans.  The Federalist Party supported the federal administration while the Democratic-Republicans subscribed to the idea that they were advocating for a revolution for the benefits of the people.

Reasons why the two parties Differed, what they believed in and why the conflict between the two of them was so intense

The Federalist and the Democratic-Republicans party differed on several issues affecting America.  For instance, the federalists viewed the Democratic-Republicans as people who would bring a problem to the nation because of their support for the French revolution.  During this time, America was in a good relationship with Great Britain. However, Great Britain was in war with France. Thus, supporting the French Revolution would be problematic to the US.  The Federalists believed that they were the source of order and good government. On the other hand, the opposing party, Democratic-Republicans viewed themselves as the staunch supporters of independence, freedom of speech and equality and a democratic government. The conflict between the two parties was so intense because they had different opinions on the kind of an America that they wanted. For example, the Federalists believed that freedom of speech was a threat to the citizens of the country. On the other hand, the Democratic-Republicans believed that freedom of speech was an indicator of independence.Reasons for the Emergence of Political Parties

Alexander Hamilton, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson’s Contributions

Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams contributed enormously to the economic development of America.  Alexander Hamilton envisioned a nation which was deeply involved in international trade and he also had a vision that the US would be a manufacturing house with the existence of a strong government that can lead to the development of infrastructure and protects her partners. Besides, Alexander Hamilton opined that America would be led by the elites and to conform to this dream, he formed the Federalist Party.  Above all, he subscribed to the idea that the US should be strongly affiliated to Great Britain for trading purposes. Once, Alexander Hamilton ascended to power, he came up with the great American tradition of having a five-point game plan. For instance, one of the five-game plans was the establishment of the creditworthiness of the country. Thomas Jefferson had opposing views to those of Alexander Hamilton.  For instance, Jefferson was opposed to the idea of America engaging in international trade. Similarly, he did not advocate for the existence of manufacturing industries. Unlike Alexander Hamilton, he supported the French revolution.  Jefferson was also of the idea that the US economy is well served by a small scale local government. He did not have trust in the concentration of power to the government because he felt this would interfere with liberty. Thus, he believed that the masses could basically govern themselves and he wanted more democracy and more freedom of speech for all the US citizens. John Adams exposed a big flaw in the presidential system.  He also pushed the Alien Act, which advocated that it is a crime to criticize the government. For instance, Mathew Lyon was prosecuted because of saying Adam was not the best president