Re-admission Essay to a University

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Please answer the following questions in a minimum of 500 words:

What do you feel led to your dismissal? What have you done to address the issues that led to your academic difficulties?
What have you learned or accomplished during the time you were not attending IUB?
What are your academic strengths and weaknesses? Has that changed since you were last at IUB?
Has your major changed? If so why? If not, why has it remained the same?
What are your academic and long term goals? What is your plan to reach those goals?





I must admit that my dismissal was a rather frustrating outcome, especially due to the fact that it has been my lifetime’s dream to study at IUB. The active and diverse student life, coupled with strong research programs, has been particularly attractive to me. It therefore felt like my whole world had been upended. Nonetheless, I take full responsibility for my dismissal owing to the reasons which I will describe in this letter. I should also state here that I deeply regret the role I played in this whole affair.

To the best of my knowledge, I believe that my dismissal was a direct consequence of my sub-optimal performance. Indeed, such performance is not in keeping with the academic rigor that is signature to IUB undergraduate programs. This academic slackness on my part is therefore not expected of any IUB student. There are three reasons which I believe led to this regrettable state of affairs, as I will briefly but candidly explain herein.

First and foremost, I landed a clerical job outside campus just about the same time I joined IUB. I figured that I could do the job while undertaking my studies concurrently. The pay was also good by student standards. With time however, as the organization I worked for expanded, so did the scope of my duties. Needless to point out, my academic performance became the direct casualty of the resultant class absenteeism. Against better judgment, I placed undue emphasis on my job over my studies. I prioritized work assignments over class assignments. Ultimately, my grades embarked on an undesirable trajectory.

Secondly, it did not help matters that the time spent outside work was primarily allocated to social activities of little value. This included drinking sessions that could go well into the night. Naturally, this left little room for meaningful study sessions. Consequently, my grasp of concepts taught in class declined at an alarming rate. Further, I did not take the initiative of consulting my professors and seeking their counsel on this matter. The cumulative effect of this reflected in my academic performance as evidenced by my less than desirable grades.

The third and final reason for my academic difficulties is lack of clear planning and poor goal setting.  It is my belief that progress in life is a result of concise planning plus a well defined way or ways of actualizing the plan. This, in view of my observation, is what leads many people to successful paths in life. While I have always had a general idea of how I want my life to be