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Race, Gender Economic Freedom and Immigration


The paper talks about immigration which is influenced by factors such as race, gender and economic freedom.

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In the recent decades, race, gender, immigration and economic justice have been under intense scrutiny. As such, American people have different perspectives as far as immigrants are concerned. These perspectives are influenced by a variety of factors one of them being race while the others are gender and economic freedom. This topic been discussed through various online forums and people have being airing their opinions on it. At this point in time, when the US is about to go to elections it has been a key component of Republican candidates especially Donald Trump who has used the issue of immigration to gain political mileage…………………..

To begin with, race plays a major role in influencing the way people perceive immigrants. Similarly, people have different attitudes toward immigrants as far as their economic well-being is concerned. The poor people have different attitude towards immigrants just as the view of immigrants is different among different races not only in the United States but also in other nations. People will treat immigrants in public places different based on their races even though there are some exemptions. For instance, previous research has established that black people in the United States are more likely to experience competition in the job market from the immigrants or children born from immigrants. Therefore, black people are more likely to have stereotype regarding immigrants. Hypothetically speaking, the black people would more likely want to see stringent measure pertaining to immigration out in place. Nevertheless, education serves to alleviate this stereotype about immigration…………………..

Additionally, black Americans tend to be more sympathetic to black immigrants as opposed to immigrants from other races such as Latinos. On the same note, American Latinos are also more sympathetic towards American Latino immigrants. The research clearly shows that when immigrants come from a given race, members of that race are more likely to treat them favorably. This also applies to the whites who also tend to treat white immigrants favorably while perceiving other immigrants as people who have little or no benefit to the American society in general. The whites are more conservative with issues relating to race and as such, immigrants since currently the majority of immigrant are of non-whites. This can also be seen in the current Republican presidential race……………………..