Race and Ethnicity as Lived Experience




The title of Chapter eight of the book is “Race and Ethnicity as Lived Experience.”  The writers of the book point out the accomplishments of Black Americans. It is in spite of the problems that they have undergone in fighting racial prejudice which is so common in the United States. It is common knowledge to the majority of the people in the entire world that there is rampant racial discrimination in the US. However, the presences of these obstacles do not deter people like Tiger Woods from becoming the highest-achieving individuals in their areas of specialization.

The author of this book demonstrates to us that there is multiracial heritage in the US.  Besides, they reveal to us that there are some people in the US ho belong to various races. According to the writers, research has demonstrated that approximately 2.9% of the population identify themselves as belonging to multiple races. People like Tiger Woods associate themselves with having African, American Indian origins. According to the various studies, the number of people who associate themselves with being multiracial will keep on increasing. It is approximated that the number of people who are multiracial will double the number of individuals who belong to the various races in the modern world. The minority group in the world as a whole is composed of those individuals who are the smallest in numbers as compared to other individuals. Furthermore, the writers of this book illustrate to us that there are various forms of discrimination. For instance, individual discrimination

The writers of this book have done an excellent job through the procedures that they have applied in the gathering of information. For example, they have used the 2010 Census report to back their claims. Similarly, they have used ideal examples of well-known people like Tiger Woods who belong to the multiracial category of individuals.

In conclusion, the authors of this chapter have done an impressive job through an indication that no one can tell the race that another person belongs through looks because of the existence of multiracial individuals. This claim has been backed by research work and ideal examples of famous people in the US.