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Race and Education Disparities

Race is a big issue in America, made big by hate speech. In education however, the problems are bigger than hate speech or pure racism. In education, race may determine the kind of education a child gets.

A child’s care is very important especially when they are young. Child care relates highly with language and a child raised by parents who barely speak English may find it hard to use English when they attend school. This is because the shift is not very easy and acquiring a second language is hard especially when this child has to go home to the first language. Answering questions and understanding lessons becomes a little harder.

The same child’s success is determined by their first teacher. If the child was enrolled in a poorly taught early childhood school, they may not perform well because there is little motivation to be better.

From a poor early childhood education, chances are that children from some racial groups who are poor will also attend a poor k-12 school. These schools are usually in the poor neighbourhoods and children have similar experiences. They become children that expect regular things because they have not seen a better example. These children will not focus much on their studies and then they will fail.

Children whose parents are immigrants are also likely to perform poorly due to emotional distress. These children always have something to worry about because they see their parents worrying about better jobs, better lives, putting food on the table and surviving in a foreign land.

Children from races who feel that they belong like white and Caucasian children will do better because they have emotional support. They are also likely to attend good schools and perform better than others. Privileged races have quality education.Race and Education Disparities