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Quality K-12 Education-Engineering


The article is a study of a development of a framework that constitutes a quality K-12 engineering education. It tries to understand how teachers and school implements design and engineering.

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In the article “A Framework for Quality K-12 Engineering Education”, done by Tamara J. Moore, Aran W. Glancy, Kristina M. Tank, Jennifer A. Kersten, Karl A. Smith, and Micah S. Stohlmann. Recent research by the U.S has come up with a way to highlight the connection between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at the K-12 level (National Research Council [NRC], 2009; 2010), although there is no a clear way to establish what constitutes a quality engineering education at K-12 level. The main objective of the study is to develop a framework that constitutes a quality K-12 engineering education, this research tries to understand and identify the way teachers and schools implement design and engineering in class……….
From the research, integration of STEM at K-12 level has gained both national and international attention. Documents on policy such as Rising Above the Gathering Storm and prepare and inspire have created attention to the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics jobs to the economy. Quite a number of private foundations and education policy groups are in support of the concept of offering a STEM focused education to a much broader population of schools. The reorganized accreditor for postsecondary programs in computing, applied science, engineering and technology has controlled the development of undergraduate engineering programs but this process are not in K-12 level……………
The study shows that the framework of the quality of K-12 education is needed because most of the policy documents that highlight the importance of improving STEM education in order to develop future generation. STEM integration provides best opportunities to the students thus allowing them to experience learning in real-world than learning STEM subjects in silos…………….
In this work of study, framework was used to assess the current status of all 50 U.S State’s academic science standards and is being applied as well in national career and technical education standards to get the overview of how engineering is currently represented in K-12 education system……………….