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Purpose Campaign

Pepsi’s Performance with Purpose Campaign is redefining what corporate social responsibility efforts should be for companies of today in that the campaign is more inclusive and involves the whole society. Pepsi’s Performance with Purpose requires the company not only to save water in the company but also save water in the community where it operates. Nowadays corporate social responsibility is not just being seen on a weekend attending to some charity work. It is actively being involved with day to day operations of the society. Pepsi is also using technology to improve the products it is making and as such it has invested a lot of resources towards this objective. As such other companies have to  invest in technology to make their products better and more environment friendly. Through such effort the companies demonstrate their willingness to work together for the betterment of the society. Moreover, the process of hiring that Pepsi uses also shows that they are committed towards corporate social responsibility. The company is employing individuals who want to make a difference to the society through their innovative ways. Similarly, the company has also parted ways with employees that no longer share in the new vision of the company and the way things are done.  Therefore, corporate social responsibility nowadays  revolves around the process of hiring and firing employees. These are the standard that Pepsi is putting out to show the community its commitment towards conserving the precious resources available. Finally, the company has also put more focus on its products and is making products that people can see as being good for their health. It is no longer about making products but making products that are good for people’s health. This demonstrates how Pepsi is keen to make sure that people see it as a company that treasures them. Thus, other companies have to follow suit if they want to keep operating in a society where competition for their products is growing each day.Purpose Campaign