Psychedelic art



Psychedelic art is art induced by the use of drugs.  Mostly what is used is more of color and a mix of patterns, it is a form of art that focuses on the interesting facet that is brought forth by the mix and whirl of color. It is mainly induced by the us of hallucinogens mainly LSD.

The art given shows in duplicity an Indian in the painting the art drawn is flowing from line to line making it easy to perceive. The artist it seems has drawn up art which is consistent from line to line. The artwork drawn is subtle in its presentation it is intriguing that the art is presented in form of what seems to be a double visioned image. This only comes to show that the image is drawn up using the psychedelic style.


The aspect of the texture of the image brings it up as an uneven image in terms of texture, it borders on coarse though, this is because the artwork is presented in a given alteration. The artwork is large in size and in its presentation. Without a doubt one can see that the artwork is a mirror  image and it is symmetrical in nature as the artwork seemingly overlaps over its similar half.


In this artwork it is clear that the painting brush moved in a sideways swipe so as to come up with the patterns that are seen in the artwork. The sideways painting gives the artwork a somewhat smooth finish as it makes it possible for not only the patterns that are seen but it also makes it possible for the symmetric alignment of the artwork when folded into two.


The artwork comes out strongly as an artwork depicting no emotion and it gives out the impression that the artwork is an image of independence and not dependence as seen in other artworks prior to this one. Color used in an artwork is a very important aspect of a piece of art it gives us the impression of what the art is all about. In this case the piece of art uses mostly what one could call naturalistic colors and gives off no ambiance it is plain image that when looked at in psychedelic state of mind will leave one fixated to the artwork. It is designed to catch the eye and confuse the mind and yet still be pale all at the same time.


John Van Hamersveld uses this psychedelic style to draw up fantasy poster that draw the  the viewer to them His form of art was mainly used to draw up posters that were used in many rock concerts over the years. His drawing artworks were found to be the best in terms of drawing psychedelics unto the posters this was found good for publication and advertisement. This is because the fantasy forms over the years had grown popular and the campaigns to sell through psychedelic art and in the end this style of art dominated the art industry for a significant time.


The artwork shows no  real geometric patterns apart from its symmetry its symmetric aspect is the only geometric aspect that it shows. This stands to show that the image though lacking in geometric shapes has symmetry and this is a good manner with which to present art that can be understood. Understanding the art is one way with which to draw persons to the artwork and therefore the publicity of the image created in psychedelic manner.


In comparison to the artwork by a modern artist Andrew  Jones his artworks on the contrary are done and used in more modernized things such as album art, art for music festivals in the modern world his art is much celebrated his modern mix of art and the way he drew up his art is both fascinating and intriguing it clearly is a mix of the new and the old, a mix that can be understood and can be used in the modern society without raising any questions and it is found acceptable by the ever changing modern society this in fact are the key differences that Andrew Jones artworks have from John Van Hamersveld.

In conclusion the artwork from John Van Hamersveld is psychedelic because of its unique symmetric standing. What shows that it is drawn under the influence of psychedelics such as LSD. It is created as a mirror image of one image.





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