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Product Sketch and Description

The posture balance is made up of several important components that include a seat pad, handle, the base, and the shaft or posture balance cylinder. There are several design changes that could be done to improve the product. First, the design of the seat pad should focus on ensuring superior cushioning to ensure that the device becomes extremely comfortable for a person to sit on. This will help to reduce the pressure that usually acts on the thighs and areas around the pubic bones.  The seat pad, on the other hand, should have a large surface area to give the posture balance a larger seat. This will enable the person using it to sit comfortably with his legs further apart. It is also important that the seat pad be made from stamskin, a PVC fabric that is soft, durable, and which involves very little maintenance cost. This material is suitable given that once sanitized, it inhibits the growth of harmful microorganism such as bacteria and mold that would have otherwise posed a health danger to the user. The design should also pay attention to the thigh’s depth and hip’s width if the user is to feel comfortable.

The base of the posture balance should be wider to provide enough stability since the larger the diameter of the base, the more stable the device is going to be. In terms of the material, it should be soft to reduce the wear and tear of the seat below it. The posture balance cylinder that connects the seat and the base should be equipped with a mechanism to adjust the height. This will provide the user with the best ergonomic benefit and satisfactory comfort.  The height control mechanism could be hands-free to ensure hygiene. Finally, the posture balance cylinder could have a cover, which apart from adding style to the device would help to protect this part from dust or damage. Product Sketch and Description