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Product mix strategies in Dubai Municipality


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Dubai Municipality has made a lot of progress regarding growth and development. Undoubtedly, a lot of beautiful sceneries exist in this municipality. However, it is crucial for people to understand that this success does not come on a silver platter. In fact, this municipality is one of the most active in the U.A.E. Many analysts use it as a case study to elaborate the product mix strategies that may bring about rapid progress.

The Municipality invests in various sectors. It has shown tremendous ability in making sure that the occupants of the municipality enjoy their lives. Dubai is at the forefront of environment conservation activities. Needless to say, the current world is facing a global crisis. There is a variation in climates all over the world. A worrying trend is that the ozone layer is leading to increasing global temperatures. A shift in the polar and continental climates may lead to species extinction, including, that of the human species.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Dubai is tackling this issue with the seriousness it deserves. It has started implementing this factor in the construction sector. Recently, the municipality has issued a statement to all participants of construction in Dubai. The statement informs constructors that they will have to use concrete materials that are eco-friendly. Many constructing companies are already following the instructions of this circular. A recent research showed that a ton of cement produced 1.3 tons of carbon dioxide and about 164kgs of dust (Thompson & Anthony 5).

This report worries a lot of environmental scholars. It shows that construction contributes to the emission of a lot of carbon dioxide. Besides, dust causes a lot of respiratory problems in the human body. It has a lot of carcinogenic elements. The municipality has advised concrete companies to produce a better ‘mix’ of concrete. It has started a policy that ensures specialists will educate constructors on how to produce this eco-friendly mixture.

Another element that mirrors the environmental efforts of Dubai is the invention of the eco-friendly mosquito insecticide. It is a known fact that treated mosquito traps evolve a lot of chemicals. These chemicals always contribute to soil, water, and air pollution. Inevitably, it is crucial to note that these chemicals contribute to the insecticide nature of the trap. The municipality has started distributing these traps. They contain a mixture of sugar and yeast. This mixture kills a lot of mosquitoes.

Dubai has invested lot in the education sector. It is the reason many people are going to study there. The UAE believes in the significance and impact of education as a whole. It has created many strategies to ensure that the students in Dubai benefit a lot from the education system in the area. Education has progressed smoothly since the year 1987. It is no surprise that the many Dubai citizens have received formal education, the transition started from informal learning to the formal type (Haak-Saheem et al. 16).

The Ministry of Education of UAE has the responsibility of monitoring the educational sector of the region. Schools, colleges, and disability centers all depend on the efficient functioning of this ministry. There is a lot of academic growth in Dubai, and many institutions of learning exist in this region. In fact, a good illustration of the educational progress in this municipality is the Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation. The prime minister set up this foundation to make sure that underprivileged students can gain a proper education program. It has an endowment of about $10 billion dollars.

An important fact to note is the role played by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Its main function is to implement high standards of education. Besides, it oversees the functioning of academic institutions. It makes sure that Dubai’s educational standards are at the same level with that of other international countries. KHDA has a directory of all educational institutions. The directory has a list of the schools and their locations and contact details.