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Process temperature and pressure for forming


The paper talks about the process temperature and pressure required to form a material such as thermoplastic resins.

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Formed products which have excellent appearance and physical properties can be produced very well from crystalline resins such as polyolefin which has a narrow range of temperature in which forming is possible a good examples include, polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene through conducting pressure forming of the sheet already heated under specific conditions………………………..

Previously produced formed articles such as containers with different shapes for example helmets by heating a thermoplastic resin sheet such as olefinic resin sheet and then using a forming die in thermoforming the formed part. As a way of heating the thermoplastic resin in the apparatus for thermoforming…………….

On the other hand according to the aforementioned method of heating, due to thermal expansion of the sheet corrugation is caused during the half of the heating step which hinders uniform heating of the sheet while the drawdown following the corrugation is large. Hence the special thermoplastic resin sheet has very small value of corrugation and a sheet having a small width must be used……………….

Thermoplastic materials are also able to form moldable materials from granular scrap materials like thermoplastic polymers and high grade reground rubber. A mixture of reground rubber and cohesive base material in the one is to one ratio and which is well distributed is pressed under sufficient pressure and temperature to form a semi-stable moldable product, which is maintained under required pressure to form stable moldable product whose pressure………………….