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Process of Cleaning a Room

First is to be in the right mindset on cleaning a room, let it be motivation so that one can not spend the entire day cleaning the room. Secondly; get all the required cleaning materials ready in one place for easy accessibility when needed. Third; open all the windows to allow fresh air to get in the room. Fourth; take away some soft furnishings like the rugs, sheets, mats, blankets as well as pillows to air for some time. Five; do a declutter of the space and get rid of all the belongings that do not belong there into another room or sort the stuff like dirty clothes to be put in a laundry basket and the rest that are not needed like papers to be thrown in a rubbish bin. Six; scan the room in order to check for anything that might be broken or may need some fixing like replacement of a bulb, stains on the wall, the room door may need some fixing and many more reasons to scan the room.

Seventh process is the cleaning process where you work around the room clockwise from the door, this is one of the best moves to make when cleaning a room because when you start at the door you finish at the door after the rest of the room is sparkling clean, also clean from top going downwards  that is from the ceiling to the floor this is to ensure that all the dust as well as all the cobwebs falls from the ceiling and the walls to the floor. Eight; clean the windows, all light fittings like bulb, lamp shed, light switches and many more. The ninth step is to vacuum clean and mop from the top downwards as well as around the entire room. Also vacuum clean the mattress,sofa cushions, carpet as well as the hard floors. After that all the soft materials that were taken out of the room should then be returned to their rightful position. Lastly air freshen the the room as you find your way out feeling pleased for a job well done.Process of Cleaning a Room