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Problems Faced by Immigrants


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Problems Faced by Immigrants

Immigration is referred to as the movement through which a person permanently changes their place of residence from one particular nation to another country. The concept of immigration has provoked immense discourses in many countries regarding its impact, be it positive or negative. Most the studies undertaken by different scholars have focused on the impact of immigrants on their new countries of residence. However, the immigrants are also affected positively and negatively by their new countries of residence. Although there are arguments that espouse the claim that immigrants benefit from the numerous opportunities in their new countries of residence, there are several counterarguments that showcase the varied problems that immigrants face in their new countries of residence. These counterarguments are founded on three major issues, that is, the education system, housing and job opportunities, as well as, discrimination, prejudice and lack of cultural comprehension.

Millions of immigrants arrive in different countries each year to pursue higher education. English speaking countries have been the prime destinations for immigrants seeking higher education given the high level of education offered in their institutions of learning. Many immigrants have benefited from such learning opportunities that are otherwise not available in their countries of origin. The immigrant students have been known to treat the opportunities with utmost seriousness and excel in their subsequent professional lives within and outside their countries of residence. Given the commendable success rate of immigrants in various education systems, it can be argued that immigrants are quick to adapt to the education systems of their new countries of residence and end up registering performances that supersede those of the citizens of the countries. However, this is not always the case for immigrants learning in the education system of their new countries of residence. There are various problems that immigrants face in their new education systems as discussed by Dustmann and Glitz (Dustmann and Glitz, 2011, p 1-20).Problems Faced by Immigrants