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Problem of Public Housing in the United States

Some people in the US are low-income earners. These individuals work and live in the cities of the nation. The Government of the United States opines that it is imperative for these groups of people to stay in more convenient residential areas that are located within the big towns. Thus, the Central Administration is against the idea of the citizens looking for homes in places that are far away from their places of work. To ensure that this happens, the US Government decided to construct houses that are cheap and therefore affordable to the nationals from low-income households. This is what is referred to as the housing project.

To begin with, the importance of the housing project cannot be overemphasized. It is because the project has been helpful to very many people in the United States. The aspect of charging a lower price as compared to the actual market price implies that it easy for the poor people in society to have a home.  Moreover, it becomes easier for people to work comfortably in the cities. Their standards of living also improve. The housing project ensures that people live an affordable life because they are able to free some funds which would otherwise be used to cater for the rent expenses. The saved money can be used for the payments of school fees as well as other family-related expenses.Problem of Public Housing in the United States

However, some aspects of the projects are not music to the ear. It is because they may have a detrimental effect not only on the US citizens but to the entire country. One of the issues that have been facing this project is insufficient funding from the Congress. The consequence of this aspect has been the construction of houses that are below par. Besides, the majority of these houses have been constructed in the same geographical areas. The result of this has been the emergence of poverty zones because it is only the poor people who stay in such apartments.  The occurrence of such a poverty location has led to the emergence of externalities that are affecting the people negatively. For instance, cases of drug abuse and pregnancy rule such places. The implication of this is that the project could lead to the occurrence of a rotten society which is going to affect the economy of the US immensely.

However, the risks associated with the public housing project in the US can easily be overcome. Through putting their heads together, the central government officials can be able to overcome the challenge of the poverty zones through ensuring that they do not construct the houses for the low-income earners in the same geographical areas. It can be done via the construction of residential houses that cater to the needs of the various classes of the people, that is poor and the rich. Besides, the potential risks associated with the project can also be eliminated by carrying out public awareness of the dangers of participating in drug abuse and trafficking. It is imperative to do so because it is a platform that is going to ensure that the individuals occupying the houses of low-income earners do not engage themselves in social evils that may be detrimental to their lives. Moreover, the government should put in place management that is effective enough to ensure that the houses that have been constructed conform to the modern housing structures. To that end, the houses will not be below par structures that will be looked down upon.

For the housing project in the US to be successful, numerous tasks should be employed. To begin with, the central administration should ensure that the employees who have been engaged for the construction work are competent. To that end, the first task of the government will be coming up with a recruitment committee to ensure that they get the best personnel in the country. Secondly, the government’s second task should be ensuring that the managers of the project are well supervised to ensure that they do their job well. Thirdly, the central administration’s task should be ensuring that enough funds are available for the construction work. Fourthly, the US government’s task should be coming up with a proper panning system. A good plan is essential because it is an avenue that promotes timely completion of a project. This will also ensure that indecent buildings are not constructed. Similarly, the government’s task should be to ensure that adherence to the procurement procedures is followed to the core. This is critical because it ensures that items are not overvalued and therefore the government does not incur accidental expenses in the construction of the structures for the housing project. Equally, the central administration should ensure that there is an efficient budget.  Above all, the government should set up goals on when the project should be completed.  This is important because it ensures that everything works to the plan.Problem of Public Housing in the United States

In conclusion, the housing project in the US is very important to the nationals of the country. The citizens can have affordable access to housing in the cities. However, Congress is not providing enough funding for the construction of modern houses and this is affecting the project immensely.