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Preventing drug abuse in educational institutions



Preventing drug abuse in educational institutions


From a global perspective, drug abuse is a critical concern for the health of the public. Drug abuse as a catastrophe has its foundation at an early age of an individual and most probably within the educational systems. This research has been done with the initial aim of coming up with the best mechanisms for preventing drug abuse in educational institutions and researching on the methods that have been used and failed in the cause of preventing the increase of substance abuse within educational institutions. The study is termed relevant as it focuses on recommending the most appropriate mechanisms for preventing drug abuse in educational institutions.

Background of the study

Globally, drug abuse has manifested itself as a critical public health challenge. However, notable progress has been carried out in the run to come up with effective mechanisms of prevention. Still, there is a significant variation between the evidence brought about by studies and the mechanisms that are employed in schools for prevention (Catalano et al. 2013). The methods used for prevention that seem to be the most efficient are those methods that are focused on people starting from their adolescent age and educate them on the best approaches to resist drugs either solely or combined with other kinds of teachings such as social education.  According to studies carried out, the issue of drug abuse among many people starts during their adolescent ages. At this time many individuals are still studying and probably in high school, colleges,and university. Drug abuse is usually brought about by an influence of peer pressure, the media and the lack of education on the effects of substance abuse and how to avoid it (Bonell et al. 2013).

Raczynski & DiClemente (2013) explains that over the last two decades, there has been a great effort aimed at coming up with effective drug abuse mechanisms of prevention in worst situations and most considerably in educational institutions. The focus has been based on the notion that the best way to end the issue of drug abuse is by cutting it from the early-stage of drug abuse which is usually among the adolescents and youths who are found within the education system (Bonell et al. 2013). Many studies have assessed the effectiveness of school-based