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Practical Session Lab Report


The paper talks about the basketball game, where the free throw skill is awarded one point.

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The skill that will be observed is free throw in basketball. The skill, free throw, is normally awarded one point. It is rewarded in case a foul is committed at a time when a particular player is in the act of shooting. In case it is awarded, the referee in charge would take the ball to the offended team free-throw line………………

In carrying out analyses of the skill, qualitative analysis is be preferred to other analyses methods. Qualitative analyses can be defined as the securities analysis, which focuses on subjective judgment based on information that is not quantifiable. Qualitative analysis will form a critical component in analyzing the free throw. To begin with, it will be applied in identification of errors that participant may have……………….

Free throw has some critical features, which players have to follow so that their show of the skill is considered a success or a failure (Covaci and Doru 55). Each of the four phases of the skill, preparatory movements, backswing, force-producing movements, and recovery phases, have specific critical features that are recommended. During pre-shot routine, a player needs to be mentally feel relaxed, brief, and consistent (Hamill and Kathleen 23)……………..

There are a number of errors associated with free throw in basketball (Hamill and Kathleen 17). Some of the common errors include being unsure regarding making the shot, having multiple thoughts, not relaxing in each free throw, holding off hand on top of the ball and holding palm on the ball’s shooting hand………………..

In carrying out experiment, method, if accurately used, offers reliable and accurate results, which can be used to provide proper recommendations to the participant. Regarding the details of the participant who was under study, his age was 27.5 years………………………..

In setting up the observation, a number of factors were taken into consideration. Being that the experiment to be carried out concerned a skill in basketball, it was first necessary to be aware of the different parts of the basketball pitch especially the area where free throw is to be practiced. In order to have full information, it became necessary to have the basketball pitch with labels to clearly indicate the different parts………….