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Whitepaper-POS (Point Of Sale)


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Whitepaper-POS (Point Of Sale)

This document is based on the description of the usability analysis of a POS (Point Of Sale) software, it dictates from the basics and essentials of using our point of sale software, the dos and the don’ts to apply while using the software. The quest point of sale software, redefines the way the business man manages and predisposes the point of sale data. Quest gives both an offline and online version of the software. In both software quest focuses on being user friendly to the business man/woman. It rivals the latest in terms of point of sale management, software such as square, shopify and bindo the software backs up the users’ data online ensuring that the user can access the data remotely at any point on earth. All this a part of this point of sale package.









Whitepaper-POS (Point Of Sale)




Below is the methodology used to find and discover the results of the usability of this point of sale software, it was in a stepwise manner.

  1. Install the Quest Point of sale server software.
  2. Install the Quest point of sale client software.
  3. Learn how to create users using the software.
  4. Create and delete the user (manage a user)
  5. Learn how to create and manage products.
  6. Find out how to calculate profit and loss.
  7. Create and generate reports.
  8. Analyze the generated report
  9. Create and generate matching graphs.
  10. The act of selling using the point of sale.













Test environment and requirements.Whitepaper-POS (Point Of Sale)

The software has been run and tested on Pentium 4 and later versions of computers, in all the versions it has been run and tested on, running the point of sale system should therefore ensure the best user experience all other factors constant. Though the software had some errors and problems when working on the earlier versions of computers and operating systems the development engineers came up with a complete viable solution for a few of the earlier platforms such as windows XP and all of the later platforms. Since the quest point of sale system is mostly a web based software it required only the following: a computer of at least 1 GB RAM and 40 GB hard disk space, the software is packed with a database software that is apache derby.








Whitepaper-POS (Point Of Sale)


Evaluative criteria.

The evaluative criteria I used while evaluating these tasks was

  1. If the task was effective – I was able to complete the task.
  2. If the task was engaging – the software aided in the completion of the task.
  • If the task was efficient – the task was performed in a timely manner.
  1. If the task was easy to learn – whether the task done was easy to learn.
  2. Error tolerance – whether the software was able to detect errors in my working.

The above criteria was put on a scale of 1-5, using a likert where

1 was In strong agreement.

2 was In agreement.

3 was Undecided.

4 was In disagreement.

5 was In strong disagreement.

The five point likert was chosen because I saw it would give a clear distinction