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The paper talks about the assessment of portfolio on learner’s achievement and its benefits to learners.



Assessment is a number of ways that are applied for information collection on the learner’s language achievements. It therefore involves activities such as short assays, writing portfolios, class tests, and long projects. The types of assessments include formative assessment which is purposed to identify the weaknesses and strengths of a learner to effect remedial action, summative which is designed to summing up what a student has learned at the end of the course, indirect assessment is concerned with the writing ability is a combination of skills such as punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, thus………………….

The benefits of assessments include ensuring that the desired impact is met in teaching; it ensures that the students are subjected to a fair judgement whereby they are tested fairly and assessed equally. Assessment on students allows identifying the gap between student initial performance and the target performance………….

There are a number of design of assessment tools such as writing prompt which involves how good questions are created, scoring criteria which is about the trait or aspect of writing that are under evaluation, task types and number of tasks whereby it talks about the tasks that enables the students to portray their competence in full extent, instruction relating on………………….

A portfolio is defined as a collection of writing done by a student and a number of artifacts related to the writing whose purpose is to represent a student’s progress, ability, and successful text in a particular context. Portfolio includes multiple drafts such as rough drafts, of a number of pieces from different genres, with…………..

Portfolio assessment is the response to the testing situations that asks learner’s to produce a single piece of timed writing. Portfolio evaluation reflects the practice of many writing courses where learner’s utilize reading and other sources of information as a writing basis and revise and resubmit their assignment after receiving feedback from……………

Portfolio assessment is important since it allows the teacher to acquire information about the student’s growth as a self-reflective and active learner, the learner’s strategic activities, student growth as a writer, and allows the teacher to get acquainted with the learner’s. It also provides the learner information on how his……………….