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Political Parties and the Electoral Process


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Political Parties and the Electoral Process

Congressional Ethics

Within any democratic political setup, the people elected to directly represent the interests of the electorate are expected to execute their mandate with utmost fidelity to the law. It is therefore only natural that such individuals exercise the highest degree of personal integrity possible. By doing so……..

However, previous cases of ethics violations by members of Congress clearly prove that this is easier said than done. It has been asserted that as of 2000, the number of congressmen caught up in ethics violations within the previous one and a half decades is much higher than in the entire existence of Congress……….

Such a sentence befits the violations for a number of reasons, of which two stand out. First of all, it sends the message that no public servant is allowed to break the law with impunity. Finally, it indicates to the electorate that they………….

Third Party Candidates

Within the US political system, and particularly in presidential elections, third party candidates are almost always guaranteed to fail. Consequently, the incentive to run as a third party candidate has greatly diminished. This situation has been………..

One of the major reasons why third party presidential candidates fail is the fact that some of the political positions held by some third parties have been co-opted by the major parties, thereby weakening their support base. It is a give fact that if the positions taken by third parties are adopted by the major parties with access to resourceful campaign machineries, many voters may gravitate towards the established…………

Federal and State Authority

One of the major issues that have raised so much interest in the United States is immigration. Diverse opinions have been offered by policy makers and the public alike. It is no wonder that this issue feature prominently………….

One of the aspects of immigration that has caused substantial debate is the authority to form and enforce immigration policy. As per the constitution, the federal government retains the power to determine………..