Playing nice

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Playing nice The article talks about a new way to work. The article advocates for “playing nice” a work. This is a term that was used during childhood and it was supposed to boost cooperation between children. Similarly, “playing nice” at work place is very important since it enables employees to realize the synergies of working together. The articles mentions that it is crucial for employees to “playing nice” to each other. This should be a two way thing that is every employee plays nice to each other. Organizations that have this kind of a culture are able to boost the output of employees. It is also Imperative for employees to “playing nice” to each other since just like no man is an island, employees will always need each other in order to accomplish certain tasks. When employees embrace this concept of “playing nice”, they will be able to finish their tasks in time and can help their colleagues who are stuck. However, “playing nice” does not take place in a vacuum. It requires trust among the employees. In organizations, trust is vital since it determines the way employees relate to each other. When trust is gone then the employees cannot be able to “playing nice” to each other. This is what used to happen during childhood. If one could not trust the other child with their toys then they could not give them out to them. Therefore, the management has an obligation to ensure that there is trust among the employees. This should be incorporated into their recruitment exercise to ensure that employees absorb this kind of a culture right from the begging. With the modern day stressful workplace it is important in order to achieve natural synergies, innovation and enthusiasm at work. Contributors to employee burnout One of the eight leadership mistakes that were mentioned as contributors to employee burnout was refusal to provide necessary support needed by employees to complete their projects. When management or leadership fails to support their employees when they are executing their projects