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As the greater Pittsburgh area continues to thrive, Moon Township is becoming one of the most desirable areas for families seeking suburbia to set down roots. While this population boom is stimulating to the area, the township finds itself in need of additional community facilities for residents.
The township is in need of a new public fitness facility that can also serve as a multipur-pose area for recreational events. Other than the Robert Morris University (RMU) gymnasium that opened recently, the township does not currently have any large fitness facilities in the area for resident use. This new fitness facility will benefit residents by offering affordable member-ships compared to more expensive, private facilities. An indoor basketball court will be the cen-terpiece of the facility, surrounded by a small walking track, and aerobic room. The fitness cen-ter will offer several fitness classes weekly for a small fee. The Moon Township community fit-ness center is expected to create between 3 and 5 jobs. Several fitness instructors will be hired to direct each class, along with a single receptionist to work the welcome desk.
This simple township facility will give residents an area for indoor recreational activities, a place to hold meetings, and a place to host small to medium sized events such as birthday par-ties, family reunions, or bingo nights. The facility can also host various workout events aside from the weekly classes including Zumba, Yoga, or Kickboxing classes provided by volunteers in the area.
Other communities in the surrounding area have constructed similar facilities for their res-idents, including nearby North Fayette township. North Fayette recently completed construction on a community center, which provides an indoor walking track, indoor basketball court, and several banquet type event rooms.
This project intends to bring the community together and also create an area where resi-dents can employ a healthy lifestyle affordably, even in the cold and snowy winter months. It shall be evaluated if the community fitness center can be built on the grounds of one of the cur-rent Moon Township community parks to avoid costs associated with purchasing additional land.

Section 2: Project Goals and Objectives
Project Goals
● To create a public fitness facility for Moon Township residents that is affordable, easily accessible, multipurpose, and promotes the health and wellness of the com-munity.
Project Objectives
● Conduct a feasibility study for the fitness center location to confirm that the facil-ity can be built on pre-existing park grounds.
● Obtain required building permits for designated construction site.
● Prepare a set of blueprints and master drawings meeting all codes for the facility.
● Coordinate and monitor construction of the facility.
● Total cost must be between $75,000 and $1,000,000.
● Must not take more than 12 months to complete.
● Must be accomplished with 10 full time employees.
● Project will be completed within the specified timeline.
● Project will not incur any financial penalties.