physical and psychological effects of war

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The review talks about the psychological and physical effects of war or violence to the children who may be exposed to such traumatic events.



The research by Musisi, Acuda, patel and Njenga on the article “Essentials of clinical psychiatry for sub-Saharan Africa” talks about physical and psychological effects of war on children and mental disorders caused by the wars in Africa. They report physical and psychological war-related trauma inflicted to the Uganda people, the research found that the most common encountered mental disorder was post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and somatization disorders. It supports the fact of the existence…………………

The research also noted that from the observation, investigation and treatment almost all nodding symptom children had had a traumatic experience in their lives. Their living in IDP camps has exposed them to repeated trauma from which they could not escape thus causing server chronic helplessness, fear and panic as they have witnessed the brutal loss of their loved ones. They are exposed to chronic food shortage, medical deprivation and psychosocial under stimulation. The study goes further to talk about how most of the children develop server Complex Post-Traumatic Stress………………..

The study by Dyregrove, Gjestad and Raundalen on the article “Children exposed to Warfare”, talks about the reaction of the children exposed to a bombing during warfare in Iraq. The research shows that a group of 94 children in Iraq were interviewed at 6 months, 1 year and 2 years after the war. The group was involved in the bombing of a shelter which claimed the life of more than 750 people. The study used the Impact of Event Scale (IES) to assess the children reaction. The research goes further and reveals………………….

Studies have also shown that children are most susceptible to Emotional effects as a result of traumatic experiences during their exposure to violence. It indicates that the children affected by the war showed more depression symptoms in child depression inventory (CDI) compared to the children on the same age assessed before the war, negative emotions were manifested by the children especially fear, sadness, hatred and anger. The research further indicates that war and violence results to displacement………………..