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The paper talks about the art of using photography as a form of communication in form of pictures which may be understood by everyone.



The work of art is photography, which is said to be the modern version of the old form of communication. Photography is a way of communication in form of pictures which carries the information which can be understood by almost everybody who looks at the photograph……………..

The photographer aligned himself in the horizontal axis, and focused the camera on the target object of interest which is in this case the people in front of the camera. He found the best timing and frame and took the picture in symmetry………………….

The intention of the artist is to create a picture with information about the people migrating from a certain place. He/she tries to communicate to other people on the hardship facing the immigrants as they seek better opportunities. The artist also wants to share the memory in the photograph with other people and convey a massage at the……………………

I think this is one of the best photography as work of art, made by creating a picture or image that communicates a massage to the people. It shows people who are likely to be a family moving or migrating from one place to another for better opportunities and it brings the photographers ideas clearly. It is a beautiful piece of work since it focuses clearly on the group, the background information, and the detailed information such as carried luggage and children………………….

Under no circumstance will I consider it a waste of time, energy, and money since this work of art carries a lot of information which if presented in writing will cost a lot of money, therefore it saves money and time by communicating an idea in the simplest and understandable way possible to many people across the globe. I value passion, ideas, experiences, and the feeling of the artist since this are the main information the artist may try to communicate to…………………