Peter Ferdinand Drucker is a renowned scholar in area of business management. He was born in November 19, 1909 in Australia. He has contributed a lot in modern business management and he was also an educator, management consultant and an author. He acquired his PhD in university of Frankfurt. Awards include; Presidential Medal Of Freedom. He died in November 11, 2005.
Drucker was a great thinker and scholar. He wrote many books and articles that shows how human are organized in government, non-profit ventures and business entities. His works also touch on the area of management theory and practice. His works has predicted major strides in the world of business. This includes; privatization and decentralization (division of labor), the japan rising as economic power, the critical importance of marketing in fostering firm`s returns and the emergence informational society. “He coined the term knowledge worker” and he considered this to be the next big thing in business management. He also fostered the ideas of; outsourcing, the importance of nonprofit sector, the need for community and skeptics of macroeconomic theory.
His books were mostly focused in bringing the best out of a worker. His books spelt out on how a worker can find dignity and the sense of commute in a large business entity. He was mostly interested in growing effect of workers who can use their minds rather than their hands. He was fascinated by workers who knew more about certain areas, even more than their bosses, but they were willing to be cooperative. He thought this could challenge how organization should be run and managed.
Drucker has also written several books, it is estimated to be more than 30 books. This books has been translated to more than 40 languages. This is clear sign that his works is widely revered. He also penned on columns such as Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic Monthly and The Economist. He wrote books such as The Essential Drucker, The End of Economic Man, The New Society What If the Female Manager of a High School Baseball Team Read Drucker’s Management, and many more works.
He was also a great leader. He develop the concept of management by objective and self-control. He poke holes in the belief that executive knew how to run companies. He knew that this ideology would render a company stale and stall its development. He knew that struggling of an organization was due to outdated ideas, narrow conception of problem or internal misunderstanding.
Many describe him as fonder of modern management.