PESTLE Analysis Template-Malaysia

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Political Stability: Currently, the political situation is Malaysia exhibits a certain degree of instability. For the last four months, there have been sustained demonstrations that have had the effect of raising political temperatures and uncertainty……….

Taxation Policy: Malaysia has one of the most favorable tax policies in the world. First of all, the tax policy is greatly simplified such that new businesses find it easy to interpret…………..

Employment Regulations: Malaysia exercises loose regulations on employers. Employers are required to fulfill their obligations in contractual agreements, but the government does not go to the extent of slapping employers with restrictive regulation. As a result, businesses wishing to take up investment opportunities……..

Trade Restrictions and Reform: The government of Malaysia has undertaken deep reforms in an effort to do away with restrictions to trade that potential new businesses may face when venturing into the market. While still noting that there is still room for improvement, it is however important to take note…………

Tariffs: In both its imports and export market Malaysia adopts the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System of classification of goods. This therefore means that imports are charged the Normal Trade Relations tariff rate of 8.56%. The…………….