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Persuasive Essay on Abortion



The issue of abortion has become one of the most divisive issues in the world today. The public opinion on abortion though stays languish on whether abortion is right or not. There have been numerous cases of abortion in the world even though most of the nations are against it. Laws have also been enacted which are against the termination of termination of pregnancies making it an illegal practice. Bearing I mind that each human being is entitled to the right and life In accordance with the constitution, it is therefore against the law for the life of any human being to be taken away. Abortion is therefore termed as an act of killing bearing in mind that the right to life is also entitled to the unborn children (Merino 39).  A number of people around the globe do not understand what abortion really is while others are in support of it since they believe that each person is responsible of his/her own life and body. This has therefore made many women become overconfident that they have the right to do whatever they want with their. Personally I feel that the deliberate termination of pregnancy is against human right to and therefore should the done away with. I therefore am pro- life in this topic concerning abortion (Newman and Ben 32).Persuasive Essay on Abortion

First of all no human being has the right to deprive anyone the right of life. This applies to both whether the life of the particular individual lies inside you or not. In the case of a fetus which is termed as an already grown human being it is not necessary for it to be aborted just because one is not ready to give birth. Also bearing in mind that the fetus is a baby which has full expectation of having a life outside the mother’s womb, it may not be just for the baby to be deprived of that chance. Abortion also is a risky process which may lead to the death of both the mother and child or one of them if not carried out in the right manner. This therefore makes inexcusable and a practice which I feel should not be tolerated in the society since it endangers the life of human beings. It is therefore for clear that the people who support the act of abortion ignore the fact that it is unsafe and also the fact that the fetus is also a human being which requires enjoying life as other people (Merino 42).

Secondly, I feel that abortion is an act of murder since it entails one killing a human being out of their own selfish reasons and interests too. In a case where one carries out abortion out of the reason of the pregnancy being unwanted is a fact that the person is engaging in murder and I therefore feel that the person requires to be punished since this is an immoral act which is against the law. Research also shows that the deliberate termination of pregnancy may lead to other complications in the health of a woman.

A woman who carries out abortion may suffer to complication of ectopic pregnancy in the future. One can also be subject to disease such as breast cancer not forgetting the fact that one may end up being infertile due to abortion (Newman and Ben 50). “Statistics show that there is a 30% increase in the risk of ectopic pregnancy after one abortion and about 160% increase in the same risk if two or more abortions are carried out.” It is also evident that abortion is unsafe since there was a threefold increase in the number of ectopic pregnancies in United States between the year 1970 and the year 1980 due to the legalization of abortion. I also feel that abortion should not be legal since no one has an idea of what would turn out for the terminated baby in terms of his/her personality. The aborted baby may have turned out to be a great person In the future. It is therefore not right for one to deprive the unborn child of his/her expected bright future because the child is termed as a blessing in the society.  Though many young women who get pregnant out of different circumstances such as rape and unwanted pregnancies during adolescent ought to go for abortion as an option to relieve them from pain and embarrassment, this may not be the solution since statistics prove that most of the women who carry out abortion tend to commit suicide more than those who go ahead and give birth to their babies.Persuasive Essay on Abortion

It’s not only I who is in support for the condemning or the extinction of pregnancies. This is because other people such as religious leaders and people in both the political and economic sectors in the society are also against it. The religious leaders argue that life is God given and the only person with the right to take one’s life is only God. The bible also does not support does not support killing. Hence it is against abortions since abortion involves killing of the unborn babies (Merino 51).The political leaders also may not support abortion since the unborn babies are expected to be future voters who may contribute in the voting process and therefore supporting abortion would mean that the future votes for the politicians decrease. People in the economic sector also feel that abortion is a wrong process since the unborn children also would grow to become the future investors and consumers in the society.

Lastly the proponents in the topic of abortion argue that abortion should be legalized since there are circumstances where a pregnant woman may be in a bad condition which would require the pregnancy to be terminated. The conditions may include when the baby is not in good shape to be given birth to and when the lives of both the mother and the unborn child are in danger and one life should be saved instead of the two being lost (Newman and Ben 58). This is not much convincing since the unborn child is also a human being and also requires to be saved an brought to life. If such cases occur and the mother carries out an abortion she may undergo other risky diseases such as ectopic pregnancy (Newman and Ben 60).

Conclusion Persuasive Essay on Abortion

It is evident that the disadvantages associated with abortion are more and risky too compared to the advantages it has. The proponents of this topic should therefore change their perception regarding the topic and support the condemnation of this immoral and intolerable act. All the cons associated with abortions which include it being murder, abortion leading to diseases and infertility, psychological damage which may lead to drug abuse among others are the facts which make most people in the society to stance against it since it may lead to the growth of an immoral society (Merino 54).








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