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Personal Journal

Day 1: Today I made a decision to work on a work out plan. I was feeling a bit out of shape and realized that I needed to lose some weight. My first start was to weigh myself and make a decision about my ideal weight.

Day 2: I resorted to making searches on the internet to check out various trends to reduce weight. I soon gave up because some were diverse and others looked dangerous. I however made an appointment with a nutritionist recommended by a friend, who drafted a diet that would work for my body type.

Day 3: I sat to write out an entire weeks balanced diet complete with fruit and vegetables which I do not exactly like, but what to do, I have no choice. I followed the nutritionist’s recommendations on portions and daily water intakes.

Day 4: I enlisted for Zumba classes at the local gym. The gym instructor was quick to explain that even though I preferred fun activities of losing weight, I would have to lift some weights to help work on my arms. I attended the first dance class and although it was fun it was still draining but totally worth it.

Day 5: Woke up with mild aches on my thighs and arms. I was not sure I wanted to join my new group of friends at the gym but I had to go anyway. The instructor advised that I needed to be a regular in order to achieve best results.

Day 7: This new diet is not really tasty; I really miss my old cheat days of burgers and fries. I confided to a close friend who was quick to reassure me that she would teach me how to make easy, healthy food and most importantly tasty ones.


I looked at Fawnia Mondey’s article on Fun Fitness Exercise on how they add to work out variety and enjoyment of the process that is not really all fun. The article points out various ways one can exercise without really always sticking to one routine. The following are the various ways:

  • Undertaking outdoor activities- these are biking, jogging, running and walking. The fresh air and sunshine is supposed to make the exercise worth it.
  • Work with a friend- this helps to encourage you to learn new techniques, the company is great and you are most likely to stick to a routine or learn more.
  • Music is truly soul food – making a new playlist to listen to for different workouts are a real mood booster.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment- try out a new class, one you didn’t think you would sign up for. It may be good for you.
  • Join a sports club- for the fun of it find a soccer, hockey or even volleyball club and train with them, a new skill is not a disadvantage.
  • Walk for charity- there is so much that needs to be done for the surrounding community and people are always walking for a cause, it won’t hurt to raise a little money for the needy and get some exercise while you are at it.
  • Want to relax? Try a cardio class in the sun and flex those muscles and work on your flexibility.
  • Water sports add to all the fun- they are a variety and make for great fun. They are swimming, kayaking, and rowing a boat and other challenges.

There is really no excuse for a person not to exercise because there seems to be something for everyone. Only one important ingredient missing: the will to make that healthy choice.