Pepsi Refresh Project




Pepsi Refresh Project

“We want people to be aware that every time you drink a Pepsi you are actually supporting the Pepsi Refresh Project and ideas that are going to move this country forward.”

The Pepsi Refresh Project was aimed at providing funds to individuals and businesses to help them achieve their ideas and better the community. Such a statement about the project invites all kinds of criticisms from different stakeholders and especially the individual consumers of Pepsi.

  • It is possible that the project will provide the necessary funds that will be crucial in the move to further the business ideas that will grow to profitable ventures, transform the lives of people improve the standards of living in the community.
  • When people buy Pepsi, the company is able to increase its market share and then sustain its market presence. This means that there will be even more job opportunities as well as sustainable employment.
  • The project will spur competition with other companies supplying the same line of product, hence, an improvement in the quality of such products in the market.
  • The project provides a sense of importance to the consumers of Pepsi and a sense of worth in their efforts to contribute to projects that spur community development, an aspect that is likely to build a solid brand loyalty.
  • The project will cause a revolutionized social media marketing and bring tremendous development for a solid technological infrastructure in the related fields.
  • Creativity is an aspect that will be spurred greatly as the project seeks to encourage development of creative business ideas that are capable of bringing positive community transformation.