Pedagogy in TESOL field



Pedagogy in TESOL field

In language teaching and learning, it is very important to implement instructions with   various SLA theories and research results. Moreover, with development of digital technology it becomes important to implement technology within   a classroom setup. This makes lessons more interesting and entertaining the learners. In pedagogy standard, they are three subcategories, planning instruction, implementing structure and implementing technology.  I will these categories in details through the projects that I have chosen.

To begin with, I created two syllabus for the planning instruction inTSL615. The two syllabus    were content-based and structural. Planning instruction shows, the ability to create the entire course syllabus when taking into account the students’ needs as well as development requirements. In a group project, we came up with a curriculum for student athletes. Through this project, I demonstrated my ability to successfully carry out needs analysis of students. The goals, objectives, and assessment of the curriculum were   made in a way to provide more support and positive destruction.  Additionally, I designed supplementary activity lesson plan for every language skills.  I maintained the original lesson plan but   made several adjustments   in order to include more activities which would make the lessons better for students to improve their English skills. Pedagogy in TESOL field


Moreover, I created two lesson plans where I incorporated at least two language skills with authentic materials to   design activities and tasks. I also showed micro-teaching lessons two times and I put one lesson plan in my portfolio. The micro- teaching lesson plans demonstrate that I am able to employment the instruction that I planned in a real classroom environment as well as helping students to practice various language skills like reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Finally, I acquired great knowledge on how to use technology in classroom from TSL620. To demonstrate this I created my own weblog. The blog was help students studying TOEIC.Also I wrote a report pertaining to updates of the blog.   This shows my capacity to search   for good sources and materials and upload them for students.  Furthermore, I created two CALL lesson plans, which demonstrate ability to use various online multimedia resources. My YouTube project shows my level of understanding of how to use online multimedia resources to assist students to learn English even when they are not in a classroom setup.

Overall, the projects presented in this standard demonstrate my ability to plan implement instructions and used technology within ESL/ELF context.

Professionalism Pedagogy in TESOL field


As a professional in TESOL   field a must keep up with current trends that are in this area. I should also implement different teaching techniques and activities after conducting sound research within the ESL/EFL   contexts. I will present 6 major projects that highlight my professionalism in the     TESOL field.

To begin with, within the concept officer refueled I examined and made analysis of the most popular methods in ESL/EFL teaching, communicative language teaching and demonstrated application of communicative language teaching in real classroom environment.  Through this project, I was able to illustrate my knowledge of history of teaching methodologies    as well as current practices in the field of ESL/EFL teaching. It also shows that I am able to apply this knowledge in my future English class.  Additionally I had an opportunity to increase my knowledge about theories of Dewey and Vygotsky. These theories are related to the field of ESL/EFL teaching. I wrote an article response paper where I examined and evaluated two scholar’s perspectives on education practice inTSL605. The response paper shows my   level understanding of sociolinguistic theories in TESOL field. I also had an opportunity to demonstrate my ability to engage in a discussion on the history of writing through leading   a discussion in TESOL   field. Pedagogy in TESOL field


In advocating for community and students engagement, I included 4 major projects.  First, I conducted my research on using multimedia in ESL contexts. In order to accomplish the research I used survey questionnaires and interviews in collecting data, after which I made analysis and showed the results. The research paper demonstrates that I am able to carry out a sound research and explain the results. Moreover, in TLS680 I was required to observe two ESL glasses art Woods Hall for one semester.   Based on the observations I wrote a report where I discussed teaching techniques, students’ participation and various activities used in the classroom.  The practicum report illustrates my ability   to critically examine current ESL situations as well as show my preparation for my internship class. In TSL690, I taught 5 Saudi high school students for my internship class.  I also wrote a report about students’ engagement, overall reflection on my instructions which shows that I am instructing students properly by incorporating all the knowledge about LA theories, research and education policy. Finally, I made a presentation about activities that motivate students from Asia   with my co-presenter in SET CYTOSOL conference.  This shows how professional I am by making presentation to the public.

To conclude, my grasp of professionalism standard is high as shown in the research pepper practicum and internship journals, internship report and the conference presentation I made.

Language knowledge Pedagogy in TESOL field


It is important for me as an ESL/EFL teacher to understand language as a system. Moreover,   the level of language that I possess is crucial in teaching the language itself in clear manner.  Under language knowledge standard, I have 7 projects. I will introduce if project based on 2 subheadings; SLA theoretical knowledge and linguistic knowledge. To begin with, in terms of linguistic knowledge, I carried out an ethnolinguistic observation and assimilator. In this case, I observed people and made analysis of their language use, which demonstrated my ability to analyze language   in discourse and semantic level.  Secondly, I made language analysis through conversation analysis. In this case, I studied various discourse types and functions of language   as presented in the script. This shows my ability to understand discourse varieties and rhetorical registers. Finally, inTSL653, I made two grammar presentations whereby I demonstrated my understanding of   syntactic structures by making a short demo lesson on grammar concept. By   using   the two grammar presentations I was able to show my knowledge of how the tense, aspect and modality are incorporated into discourse level. Additionally it shows the composition of yes and no question.

With regard to SLA theoretical knowledge, I wrote a response paper that was related to   intrinsic motivation in the classroom. This shows my understanding of how to motivate students to improve their English in SLA field. Moreover, I did 2 midterm exams inTSL609.  This exams show my understanding different theories of second language acquisition science input interaction, output hypothesis as well as the concept of ZPD. I also demonstrated how language acquisition can be developed with age, personal experience, and personality via these exams.  Furthermore, I headed a discussion on writing skills, which shows capability of applying   writing approaches in real classroom environment.

In conclusion, these 8 projects show that I fully understand the language knowledge of linguistic system together with SLA theoretical concepts.